Идиомы на букву B

  • bound hand and foot
    быть связанным по рукам и ногам
    Three family members were bound hand and foot by a stranger who into their apartment last night.
  • brush up on (something)
    освежить знания
    I have made up my mind to attend language courses to brush up on my English.
  • buckle down to (do something)
    энергично приниматься за дело
    The father told his son to stop fooling around and buckle down to do his work.
  • busman's holiday
    отпуск без отпуска; будучи в отпуске, продолжать делать свою работу
    Mark is on holiday, but he is spending much time at work, so it looks he is on a busman's holiday.
  • by check
    (расплатиться) чеком
    Marion paid for her purchases by check.
  • back down (from someone or something)
    отступаться, отказываться от чего-либо
    I saw that Ann was right, so I decided to back down from further arguing.
  • break through
    успешно преодолеть (трудности)
    Dr. Salk failed many times, but he finally broke through to find a successful vaccine.
  • blackball (someone)
    подвергать остракизму, отвергать кого-либо
    The children blackballed one of the boys because he told on them.
  • break the law
    нарушить закон
    They found out that Marcia had broken the law, and she was sacked.
  • betwixt and between
    быть в нерешительности; ни то ни сё, так себе
    I didn't feel like going out with my friends; I was betwixt and between whether to join them or not.
  • brainless
    глупый, безмозглый
    I think Martha is quite brainless; she has left the door unlocked again!
  • bat out of hell
    очень быстро, мгновенно
    "What happened? Why did the man left the room like a bat out of hell?"
  • ball of fire
    сгусток энергии (об активном и энергичном человеке)
    - Though my Aunt Lora is 75 she is a ball of fire; she does a lot of things about the house.
  • behind (someone's) back
    за чьей-то спиной, тайно
    I hate people who gossip behind my back.
  • brainwash (someone)
    подвергнуть идеологической обработке
    Politicians always try to brainwash common people into thinking what they want them to think.
  • bust a gut (to do something)
    много и напряжённо работать
    I am going away on holiday next week, so I'll have to bust a gut to get my work finished before I leave.
  • bats in the belfry
    сумасшедший, эксцентричный
    I guess my friend has bats in the belfry; his plans are absolutely crazy.
  • blind leading the blind
    слепой слепого водит (о человеке, который сам ничего не знает, но пытается объяснить что-либо другому)
    "Your attempts to explain to me how to use this camera are like the blind leading the blind."
  • bring up
    поднимать вопрос, заводить разговор
    I was hoping that someone would bring up that point.
  • bear the brunt of (something)
    нести всю тяжесть, испытывать трудности, держать главный удар
    The small island couldn't bear the brunt of the severe storm.
  • bail (someone) out
    брать на поруки, вносить залог
    The parents of the young delinquent had to pay much money to bail him out of prison.
  • brain (someone)
    ударить кого-либо по голове, размозжить голову
    Suddenly the little boy took his spade and brained his playmate.
  • bring (someone) to
    приводить в чувство
    They brought the woman to with smelling salts.
  • bundle of nerves
    комок нервов
    "I have become a bundle of nerves while dealing with my boss."
  • bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
    Одна птица в руках стоит двух в кустах. (пословица)
    "I think you shouldn't spend your money so recklessly until you are able to earn more. Remember that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."
  • bigmouth
    шумный, хвастливый и глупый собеседник, говорун
    Nora Dales is a bigmouth and I hate talking with her.
  • bat a thousand
    быть очень успешным
    Jeremy has been batting a thousand in his attempts to earn much money.
  • back in circulation
    вернуть в обращение, снова стать доступным
    The textbooks are back in circulation; the students have returned them to the library.
  • BLT
    Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato - вид бутерброда (состоящий из ветчины, салата и помидор)
    When I go to a cafe, I usually order a BLT sandwich.
  • bog down
    застрять, увязнуть
    I have bogged down with all that typing I need to do today.
  • bring to mind
    вспомнить, припомнить
    His words suddenly brought to mind happy episodes from her childhood.
  • by fits and starts
    неравномерно, скачками
    "If you work by fits and starts, your progress in English will be very slow."
  • BA
    Bachelor of Arts - бакалавр гуманитарных наук (выпускник университета со степенью бакалавра)
    Eva Brown has recently become a BA.
  • bring (something) off
    осуществлять что-либо, успешно завершать
    Lionel attempted almost the impossible and brought it off.
  • bite the hand that feeds (someone)
    платить чёрной неблагодарностью; кусать руку, которая тебя кормит
    Henry is rude to his parents who pay for his education. I think he bites the hand that feeds him.