Идиомы на букву B

  • bounce a check
    возвратить чек в виду отсутствия достаточных средств на счету
    Renata bounced a check when she tried to pay for her college education.
  • birds of a feather flock together
    Рыбак рыбака видит издалека. (Пословица)
    "Do not complain about your relatives. Remember that birds of a feather flock together. You are very similar to them."
  • bound to (do something)
    быть настроенным сделать что-либо
    The married couple was bound to go to Spain for their honeymoon.
  • below par
    ниже номинальной стоимости
    The bonds of the oil company were selling at a price that was below par.
  • by shank's mare
    пешком, "на своих двоих"
    My car got broken, so I had to come to work by shank's mare.
  • bring (someone) around
    восстанавливать чьё-либо здоровье, приводить в чувство
    The paramedics were able to bring the girl around after the explosion in the cafe.
  • blow (something)
    провалиться (на экзамене), провалить (дело, мероприятие)
    I was afraid I might blow my first job interview.
  • be all ears
    внимательно слушать
    The little girl was all ears when her mother read fairy-tales to her.
  • break off
    внезапно прекращать, обрывать
    Trenton was too courteous; he would not break off negotiations.
  • bad-mouth (someone or something)
    оговаривать кого-то, отзываться плохо о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    Their neighbor Mr. Cannon is a mean person; he has the habit of bad-mouthing everybody.
  • breathe down (someone's) neck
    стоять за спиной у кого-либо, дышать кому-либо в затылок, заставлять торопиться
    "I am sure to complete the work in time, so stop breathing down my neck!"
  • balls of one's feet
    подушечки на ступне (около пальцев)
    I have been walking all day that's why the balls of my feet are very sore.
  • believe one's eyes
    верить тому, что видишь; верить своим глазам
    I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw Gilbert in the costume of Father Frost.
  • bottom drops/falls out of (something)
    обвал цен (настоящие цены стали ниже предыдущих)
    The bottom fell out of the fruit market, and some of the companies had to stop doing business.
  • boys in the backroom
    группа людей, принимающая закулисные решения
    The boys in the backroom informed us that the wages would be probably docked.
  • bring about (something)
    осуществлять, вызывать, организовывать
    His words brought about the desired effect.
  • beyond one's means
    (жить) не по средствам
    This expensive cottage is very much beyond their means.
  • brain teaser
    A brain teaser is a problem for which it is hard to find the answer.
  • body blow
    сокрушительный удар или серьёзные повреждения
    Ron's small house received a body blow when the hurricane hit the town.
  • beat the clock
    закончить до срока
    The lecturer decided to beat the clock and finish the lecture ten minutes before the bell.
  • break a habit
    бросить привычку
    "I want you to break your habit of smoking two packets of cigarettes a day."
  • back up (someone or something)
    поддержать кого-либо или что-либо
    Collin's proposal was silly that's why nobody backed it up.
  • by leaps and bounds
    стремительно, очень быстро, семимильными шагами
    Under his supervision the business began to develop by leaps and bounds.
  • bone of contention
    яблоко раздора, предмет разногласий
    The inheritance their Grandfather had left to the sisters was a bone of contention for them.
  • bread and water
    хлеб и вода
    The family was very poor; they had to live on bread and water most of the time.
  • by word of mouth
    устно, на словах
    I don't want to write to them; I'd rather you did it by word of mouth.
  • be cricket
    честная игра, джентльменское поведение
    The way Ernest Fitzpatrick treated his employees was not cricket.
  • boggle one's mind
    пугать, смущать, тревожить
    "I don't want to boggle your mind, but the absence of proper safety is dangerous."
  • burst at the seams
    лопаться по швам, быть переполненным сверх меры
    The bus was very overcrowded; it was literally bursting at the seams.
  • by fair means or foul
    любыми средствами, правдами и неправдами
    They will do everything they can to win, by fair means or foul.
    Они сделают все, чтобы выиграть любыми средствами.
  • business as usual
    продолжать как обычно
    It is business as usual for us after moving our office to a new place.
  • bankroll someone
    финансировать кого-либо
    Colin asked his father to bankroll him as he wanted to buy a sport car.
  • break into a cold sweat (about something)
    покрыться холодным потом (от волнения / страха)
    Pam broke out in a cold sweat when she saw that terrible sight.
  • beat (something) into (someone's) head
    вбить что-либо в голову кого-либо
    "Whether you want it or not, I'll try to beat the rule into your head."
  • breathe one's last
    умереть, испустить дух
    Mrs. Nolan had been suffering from a weak heart for quite some time before she breathed her last several days ago.