Идиомы на букву F

  • forty winks
    короткий сон в дневное время
    If Ron, a truck driver, feels sleepy, he usually stops by the side of the road to catch forty winks.
  • foul one's own nest
    выносить сор из избы", разглашать семейные тайны, стараться очернить близких
    "Don't foul up your own nest; remember your own kin helped you out!"
  • foul up
    спутать (планы), запутать
    We couldn't get enough money for our project that's why our plans got fouled up.
  • four eyes
    четырёхглазый (часто так дети называют тех, кто носит очки)
    My son doesn't like to wear glasses because his classmates call him four eyes.
  • fraidy-cat
    My little son is a fraidy-cat; he is so easily frightened.
  • fraught with danger
    чреватый опасностью, рискованный
    Their trip to the remote part of Africa was fraught with danger.
  • freak out
    терять самообладание, беситься
    Adam Smith freaked out when he discovered that his flight had been delayed.
  • free and clear
    полностью (владеть чем-либо), без ограничений
    I own my country house free and clear.
  • free and easy
    непринуждённый, без формальностей
    Allan's behavior in public places is free and easy.
  • free as a bird
    свободен, как птица; полностью свободен
    I am as free as a bird today so I can do whatever I want.
  • free hand
    полная свобода для выполнения чего-либо
    I was given a free hand to do what I thought necessary.
  • free translation
    вольный перевод, т.е. не точный перевод
    A translation that is not totally accurate is called a free translation.
  • free-for-all
    соревнования, дискуссия и т. п., в которых может участвовать любой
    At the party the people were involved in a free-for-all game.
  • freeload
    выпивка на чужой счёт, угощение на "дармовщину"
    Kevin likes freeloading, and he is never ashamed of it.
  • freeze (someone) out
    вытеснять кого-либо, избавляться от конкурента или навязчивого человека
    "Mind, I don't let you freeze me out of the profits of the firm."
  • fresh out of (something)
    использовать всё до конца, распродать всё
    On the eve of Christmas the gift shops usually fresh out of souvenirs and presents.
  • frighten (someone) out of his or her wits
    сильно напугать кого-либо
    "How you startled me! You have frightened me out of my wits."
  • frighten (someone) to death
    напугать кого-либо до смерти
    I was frightened to death when I heard gun shots outside my door.
  • frighten the living daylights out of (someone)
    очень сильно перепугать кого-либо
    The stranger frightened the living daylights out of the child.
  • fritter (something) away
    растрачивать что-либо по мелочам
    "You are frittering away your talent, John."
  • from A to Z
    (знать) всё обо всём, подробная информация
    My friend knows about computers from A to Z.
  • from cradle to grave
    с рождения до смерти, "от колыбели до могилы"
    The doctors of the local hospital look after their patients from cradle to grave.
  • from dawn to dusk
    от восхода до заката
    The slaves worked on the plantation from dawn to dusk.
  • from day to day
    день за днём, изо дня в день
    They were waiting for the birth of the baby from day to day.
  • from door to door
    от двери до двери
    The postman went from door to door delivering mail.
  • from hand to hand
    из рук в руки
    They passed the leaflets from hand to hand, so that everybody could read them.
  • from head to toe
    с головы до пят
    Having walked in the rain, the kids were wet from head to toe.
  • from near and far
    The people gathered from near and far to look at the miracle.
  • from now on
    с этого момента и далее
    From now on Jim has been helping his cousin's family to survive.
  • from rags to riches
    от бедности к богатству; "из грязи, да в князи"
    Mr. Paul Ladle is a self-made man; he went from rags to riches.
  • from scratch
    с самого начала, с чистого листа
    David started to learn painting from scratch.
  • from side to side
    со стороны в сторону
    The wounded soldier was moaning, rocking from side to side.
  • from start to finish
    со старта до финиша, от начала до конца
    The new performance was a great success from start to finish.
  • from stem to stern
    с одного конца до другого
    The boat looked fascinating from stem to stern.
  • from the bottom of one's heart
    от всего сердца, искренне, от всей души
    The words of gratitude, which the girl pronounced, came from the bottom of her heart.