Идиомы на букву F

  • follow orders
    следовать приказу, распоряжению
    The policemen were following orders when they searched every corner of the house.
  • follow suit
    иметь карту такой же масти, поступать также как кто-либо; подражать кому-либо
    "If Jenny is going home early, I think I'll follow suit."
  • follow the crowd
    делать то же, что делает большинство; "плыть по течению"
    "You shouldn't follow the crowd if you really want to become somebody important."
  • follow through on/with (something)
    доводить что-либо до конца, выполнять обещание
    I wished to help my friend with his English, but I couldn't follow through with my promise.
  • follow up (something)
    добавлять что-либо
    That remark was extremely witty; Mark followed it up by another one almost equally good.
  • fond of (someone or something)
    любить кого-либо; увлекаться чем-либо
    I am very fond of going places.
  • food for thought
    что-либо о чём стоит подумать, "пища для ума"
    The long journey with its innumerable meetings provided Jeremy with much food for thought.
  • fool and his money are soon parted
    у дурака деньги долго не держатся
    Jimmy spends his money unwisely. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  • fool around
    зря тратить время, болтаться, бездельничать
    Steve spends almost his whole lunch hour fooling around with the girls.
  • foot in the door
    благоприятная возможность
    "I think you can get a foot in the door if you act quickly."
  • foot the bill
    заплатить за что-либо, оплатить что-либо
    The Frawlys hoped the company would foot the bill for the ransom of eight million dollars.
  • footloose and fancy-free
    вольный, свободный от обязательств
    It's good to be footloose and fancy-free so that you can do whatever you want.
  • for a song
    очень дёшево, "за гроши"
    "Don't think you can buy a new house for a song; houses are expensive."
  • for all (something)
    несмотря на всё это, при всём этом
    For all the efforts the child makes, he can't play the piano well.
  • for all I care
    мне нет никакого дела, мне-то что
    "For all I care, you can do whatever you wish."
  • for all I know
    насколько я знаю
    For all I know, the "Titanic" was the largest ship which could take about two thousand people on board.
  • for all intents and purposes
    фактически, на самом деле
    For all intents and purposes the construction of the dwelling house was practically finished.
  • for all one is worth
    изо всех сил, максимально
    He hung on the rope for all he was worth.
  • for all practical purposes
    в практических целях
    For all practical purposes we had to install a new computer as our old one wouldn't work.
  • for all the world
    решительно, во всех отношениях
    He swung about his arms for all the world as if he were going through the sword exercise.
  • for better or worse
    на горе и радость", что бы не случилось
    "Will you take Cecily to be your wife, for better or worse?" the priest asked.
  • for cause
    правомерные причины (которые принимаются во внимание судом)
    Maria was always late for work, no wonder she was fired from her job for cause after the violation of the office rule.
  • for certain
    наверняка, обязательно
    "You needn't worry I'll pay back the money for certain."
  • for crying out loud
    ради бога, боже мой!
    "For crying out loud, please, leave me alone!"
  • for days/hours on end
    много дней (часов) подряд
    I don't think I can go without food for days on end.
  • for dear life
    отчаянно, изо всех сил (как если бы от этого зависела жизнь)
    He jumped on the running board of the car and hang on for dear life.
  • for fear of (something)
    из-за боязни чего-либо
    They didn't go sailing for fear of the storm that was coming.
  • for free
    I have never been able to get anything for free.
  • for good
    Kimberly left the town for good.
  • for good measure
    чуть-чуть больше / меньше
    My Mom asked me to buy one loaf of French bread but for good measure I bought two.
  • for instance
    At the university one can take up any subject as their major, art or music for instance.
  • for keeps
    навсегда, насовсем; на память
    I asked my friend if I could have the landscape picture for keeps.
  • for kicks
    ради шутки/ удовольствия, "на потеху"
    The girls wore carnival costumes for kicks.
  • for life
    на всю оставшеюся жизнь
    He has chosen the career of an architect and wants to pursue it for life.
  • for my money
    я считаю, что касается меня
    For my money, the best candidate for Congress is George Brown.