Идиомы на букву F

  • for once
    на этот раз
    For once she understood what I had told her.
  • for one thing
    прежде всего, для начала
    I didn't care much for his speech: for one thing, the subject was not interesting, for another thing, his delivery was bad.
  • for one's (own) part
    относительно себя, с чьей-либо точки зрения
    For his own part he did not plan to join the expedition to South Africa.
  • for one's (own) sake
    для собственного блага, ради себя самого
    "Be careful for your own sake."
  • for openers
    начать с того, что
    For openers Jerome and his friends made up their minds to draw a map.
  • for peanuts
    очень дёшево, за гроши
    We sold our old car for peanuts.
  • for real
    подлинный, реальный
    I didn't believe that his plans for the future were for real.
  • for safekeeping
    на хранение
    Julia put her jewelry in the bank for safekeeping.
  • for sale
    быть в продаже, продаваться
    A store owner was hanging a sign above his door which read: "Puppies for Sale".
  • for short
    для краткости
    My friend's name is Elizabeth, Liz for short.
  • for sure
    Now I knew for sure that Anna had let me down.
  • for that matter
    в этом отношении
    John is a very good fellow, trustworthy and sensible, so is Jack, for that matter.
  • for the asking
    по просьбе
    One can get the necessary information from the librarian for the asking.
  • for the better
    к лучшему
    We hope the weather will change for the better.
  • for the birds
    это не серьёзно, это не для меня
    Doing a lot of work in the office is for the birds.
  • for the duration (of something)
    в течение чего-либо
    I had to use my friend's computer for the duration of several weeks.
  • for the good of (someone or something)
    ради пользы для кого-либо/ чего-либо
    The city authority did a lot of things for the good of the population.
  • for the heck/hell of it
    ради смеха/ удовольствия, "просто так"
    The kids were wearing funny clothes just for the heck of it.
  • for the life of (someone)
    ни за что на свете, "хоть тресни"
    The face looked familiar, but for the life of me I could not remember the man's name.
  • for the most part
    в основном, по большей части
    For the most part the film was not bad.
  • for the record
    заявить что-либо для протокола
    William was asked, for the record, to declare his intentions.
  • for the sake of (someone or something)
    ради кого-либо/ чего-либо
    I have decided to join a health club for the sake of my health.
  • for the time being
    пока, в настоящее время
    "I am really very busy for the time being, but I will see you later."
  • for the world
    ни при каких условиях, "ни за что на свете"
    I would not want to take this job for the world.
  • forbidden fruit
    запретный плод (сладок)
    My little brother is not allowed to take my textbooks; it is forbidden fruit for him.
  • force (someone) to the wall
    прижать кого-либо к стене (поставить кого-либо в экстремальное положение)
    They forced me to the wall so I had to do what they wanted.
  • force someone's hand
    навязывать кому-либо, принуждать, подталкивать
    "I am not willing to force your hand to sell your small business."
  • force to be reckoned with
    сила, с которой приходиться считаться
    This young artist is a force to be reckoned with in the artistic world.
  • foregone conclusion
    предрешённый исход
    It was a foregone conclusion that their team would win the game.
  • forever and a day
    бесконечно долго
    "Why did it take forever and a day to clear the mess in your bedroom?"
  • forever and ever
    навеки, навсегда
    The little girl remembered that day forever and ever.
  • fork money out (for something)
    потратить деньги на что-либо, "раскошелиться"
    They had to fork out much money for fixing their old house.
  • fork over (some money)
    заплатить деньги за что-либо
    "You forked over much money for the painting, didn't you? The picture isn't worth it."
  • fork over (something)
    передавать что-либо
    The stranger asked me to fork over a parcel to my father.
  • form an opinion
    составить мнение
    As for the new employee I haven't formed an opinion about him so far.