Идиомы на букву H

  • here, there and everywhere
    везде, повсюду
    The cockroaches were here, there, and everywhere when I entered the old building.
  • hide one's face in shame
    стыдиться, испытывать неловкость
    When Anita blurted out the truth, everybody looked at her as she tried to hide her face in shame.
  • hide one's head in the sand
    стараться не видеть неприятной или опасной ситуации, "прятать голову в песок"
    Willy keeps from knowing something unpleasant; he prefers to hide his head in the sand.
  • high and dry
    отвергнутый, покинутый
    Joe had been working for their firm for many years, but they left him high and dry when they moved the business to Spain.
  • high and low
    везде, повсюду
    I was looking high and low for my car keys, but then I remember that my son had taken my car to work.
  • high life
    роскошная жизнь
    Ms. Bonfire had been living the high life when her husband left her for a younger woman.
  • high man on the totem pole
    глава организации
    My husband is the high man on the totem pole in his office.
  • high on (something)
    быть одурманенным чем-либо
    When the police finally arrested him, the young man was high on cocaine.
  • high seas
    открытое море, океан
    Captain Alison likes to sail on the high seas.
  • high-and-mighty
    высокомерный, надменный
    Zena always acts high-and-mighty as if she were the boss.
  • high-handed
    любящий распоряжаться, властный
    A teacher shouldn't take a high-handed approach when dealing with her pupils.
  • higher education
    высшее образование
    I would like to get higher education that's why I am going to enter a university.
  • hightail it out of (somewhere)
    быстро убежать откуда-либо
    They decided to hightail it out of the beach because of the coming tide.
  • highway robbery
    очень высокая цена, "чистый грабёж"
    The price that I had to pay for the airline tickets was highway robbery.
  • hinge on (something)
    зависеть от чего-либо
    Whether or not they can buy a new house hinges on their having enough money for the purchase.
  • hire out (someone)
    нанять кого-либо на работу, наняться на работу
    While still a student, Marion hired herself out as a tourist guide.
  • hire out (something)
    сдать что-либо в аренду
    Ms. Brown hires out her cottage to those tenants, who are ready to pay high price for it.
  • hit (someone) below the belt
    нанести кому-либо предательский удар, удар ниже пояса
    Alan hit me below the belt when he told everybody about my problems.
  • hit (someone) hard
    задевать кого-либо эмоционально, сказываться на
    The murder of the woman's husband hit her very hard.
  • hit (someone) like a ton of bricks
    удивить или шокировать кого-либо
    His unexpected arrival in the middle of the night hit me like a ton of bricks.
  • hit (someone) right between the eyes
    произвести сильное впечатление на кого-либо
    Her unbelievable attire hit me right between the eyes.
  • hit (someone) up for (something)
    попросить кого-либо о чём-либо
    I hit my Mom up for 200 dollars but she said no.
  • hit a plateau
    достичь высокого положения
    The sales hit a plateau and then declined.
  • hit a snag
    натолкнуться на проблему
    The negotiations to finish the miner's strike hit a snag.
  • hit bottom
    придти в упадок, достичь низжей точки
    The budget of the factory hit bottom last month.
  • hit close to home
    затрагивать интересы, задевать за живое
    Mike asked me to join their team and my refusal hit close to home.
  • hit home
    произвести впечатление, дойти до, понять
    The news of their engagement suddenly hit home.
  • hit it off (with someone)
    ладить с кем-либо
    I am happy that we hit it off with my mother-in-law.
  • hit on/upon (something)
    случайно подумать о чём-либо
    Tina hit upon the idea of aranging a garage sale, as she had a lot of things she didn't need.
  • hit parade
    рейтинг песен
    This singer is very popular; he is number one on the hit parade.
  • hit pay dirt
    обнаружить что-либо ценное
    Gloria hit pay dirt while looking through the things in the garret.
  • hit the books
    серьёзно готовиться к занятиям
    I had to read for my History exam, so I stayed home and hit the books.
  • hit the bottle
    слишком много выпить, "прикладываться к бутылке"
    Nancy goes to pubs and hits the bottle almost every evening.
  • hit the bricks
    выйти на улицы, забастовать
    The construction workers hit the bricks. They demanded that they be paid decent money for their jobs.
  • hit the bulls-eye
    попасть в точку, в цель
    Samantha hit the bull's-eye when she spoke about the problems in the office.