Идиомы на букву L

  • lead (someone) by the nose
    убеждать кого-либо делать то, что хочешь
    "Don't lead me by the nose. I am not going to do what you want."
  • lead (someone) down the garden path
    обманывать кого-либо
    Sarah was leading Martin down the garden path when she agreed to be engaged to him.
  • lead (someone) on
    напрасно обнадёживать кого-либо, неискренне поддерживать
    "I don't think I'll win a grant, so stop leading me on."
  • lead (someone) on a merry chase
    вести кого-либо по запутанному следу
    Adam had been leading his partners on a merry chase for quite some time before they finally understood his intentions.
  • lead (someone) to believe (something)
    позволить кому-либо поверить чему-либо
    "Why did you lead me to believe that you would pay full price for the house?"
  • lead (someone) to do (something)
    служить поводом для кого-либо, чтобы сделать что-либо
    A loud bang outside the door led the woman to look out of the room.
  • lead a dog's life
    вести несчастную (собачью) жизнь
    Ron has been leading a dog's life since he retired.
  • lead off
    лидировать, положить начало
    The young man was leading off in the chess tournament.
  • lead the way
    вести за собой, прокладывать путь
    "Will you please lead the way because I don't know where your apartment is?"
  • lead time
    период освоения новой продукции
    The lead time to get a new item of clothing produced is comparatively long.
  • lead up to (something)
    постепенно подводить к чему-либо, наводить разговор на что-либо
    His arguments always lead up to a startling conclusion.
  • lead/live the life of Riley
    вести роскошную жизнь
    Nancy has been leading the life of Riley since she won a million dollars in a state lottery.
  • leading question
    наводящий вопрос
    The students didn't know what kind of answer to give, so the teacher started asking leading questions.
  • leaf through (something)
    листать, просматривать что-либо
    I had to leaf through several magazines before I found the information I wanted.
  • leak out (something)
    просачиваться (об информации)
    The information about the corruption among the government officials leaked out to the press.
  • lean on (someone)
    давить на кого-либо при помощи шантажа или угроз
    A gang of racketeers leaned on one of the shop owners to make him pay them.
  • lean over backwards (to do something or to help someone)
    вывернуться наизнанку, чтобы угодить или помочь кому-либо
    "Don't count on me; I am not going to lean over backwards to help you."
  • lean toward (doing something)
    склоняться к каким-либо действиям
    Ken is leaning toward changing his job.
  • leap to conclusions
    делать поспешные выводы
    It is dangerous to leap to conclusions when you don't know all the facts.
  • learn (something) by heart
    выучить что-либо наизусть
    The teacher told the pupils to learn the grammar rule by heart.
  • learn (something) from the bottom up
    тщательно изучать что-либо с самого начала
    I had to learn accounting from the bottom up.
  • learn (something) the hard way
    учиться на собственном опыте (часто неприятном)
    Tom learned things the hard way when he went to prison for stealing a camera.
  • learn by heart
    учить что-либо наизусть
    When I was a child, I was good at learning poems by heart; now my memory is not so good.
  • learn by rote
    зубрить (без понимания материала)
    At school my weakest subject was Physics; I learned the material by rote without really understanding it.
  • learn the ropes
    досконально узнать, как делать что-либо
    I have never worked as a guide before, so I'd like to learn the ropes.
  • learn to live with (something)
    научиться жить с чем-либо (неприятным или болезненным)
    Sam broke his leg three months ago and he is still limping. I am afraid he has to live with it.
  • least of all
    менее всего, в наименьшей степени
    I hate doing household jobs; least of all I like washing the dishes.
  • leave (someone or something) behind
    оставить кого-либо \ что-либо, забыть взять что-либо
    I either lost my umbrella or left it behind somewhere.
  • leave (someone or something) in (someone's) hands
    предоставить кому-либо право делать, контролировать что-либо
    Jerome left the packing in his friends' hands.
  • leave (someone) alone
    оставить кого-либо в покое
    "Don't disturb me; leave me alone. Can't you see I am busy?"
  • leave (someone) flat
    не удаётся развлекать или побуждать
    My friend likes to tell jokes, but they usually leave us flat.
  • leave (someone) for dead
    считать кого-либо мёртвым
    Three mountaineers were left for dead when the rescue group could not find any traces of them.
  • leave (someone) high and dry
    оставить кого-либо в беспомощном состоянии
    But for Jess's help these people would have been left high and dry.
  • leave (someone) holding the bag
    взвалить вину на кого-либо, держать ответ вместо кого-либо
    There was a car crash on the highway and the guilty driver ran away, leaving me holding the bag.
  • leave (someone) in peace
    оставить кого-либо в покое
    "You've been bothering me since morning. Please, leave me in peace."