Идиомы на букву L

  • let the grass grow under one's feet
    бездельничать, лентяйничать
    Grandpa spends so much time idling that Grandma accuses him of letting the grass grow under his feet.
  • let things slide
    относиться безответственно, относиться к делу "спустя рукава"
    "Look at your apartment! It is in a mess. You have let things slide that's why your apartment is so messy."
  • let up
    ослабевать, успокаиваться, прекращаться
    After a long time the rain let up, but the clouds stayed.
  • let up on (someone or something)
    снять напряжение с кого-либо \ чего-либо, прекратить много работать
    His doctor didn't allow him to work much; he told him to let up on his work schedule.
  • let well enough alone
    оставить всё как было, "от добра добра не ищут"
    "I think you'd better let well enough alone and not look for another job."
  • level (something) at (someone)
    направлять критику, замечания на кого-либо
    "If I were you, I wouldn't level criticism at your boss even if you don't like his attitude to his employees."
  • level playing field
    иметь равные шансы (на успех)
    I think both teams have a level playing field and they are both very good.
  • level with (someone)
    быть честным с кем-либо
    Zeta decided to level with her co-worker and tell him about his poor work performance.
  • license to (do something)
    лицензия, разрешение на деятельность
    George was happy to have got a license to work as a window dresser.
  • lick one's chops
    предвкушать, облизываться
    Martha saw her favorite dish on the platter and began to lick hers chops.
  • lick one's lips
    предвкушать удовольствие
    Sue licked her lips when she thought about her trip to Norway next week.
  • lick/whip (something) into shape
    привести что-либо в порядок, вымуштровать
    The recruits were soon whipped into shape by the drill sergeants.
  • lie fallow
    оставлять под паром (о земле), не вспахивать
    Sam Willows, the farmer, decided to let the field lie fallow for one growing season.
  • lie in state
    покоиться в открытом гробу (для последнего прощания)
    Mr. Reed had been dead three years; it was in this chamber he breathed his last; here he lay in state.
  • lie in wait
    подстерегать кого-либо, быть в засаде
    The hunter lay in wait for the ducks to appear on the lake.
  • lie low
    занять выжидательную позицию, держаться в стороне, не привлекать внимания
    Roman escaped from prison and lay low because the police was looking for him everywhere.
  • lie through one's teeth
    врать напропалую
    It is customary for Lorna to lie through her teeth in order to get what she wants.
  • lie/lay down on the job
    работать спустя рукава
    "I see you must have decided to lie down on the job; you didn't do anything in my absence."
  • life is a bowl of cherries
    только хорошее случается в жизни, жизнь хороша
    Life is not a bowl of cherries; good things and bad things go hand in hand.
  • life of Riley
    жизнь в роскоши, приятная жизнь
    Norman Brown has been living the life of Riley since he won a million dollars in a state lottery.
  • life of the party
    весельчак, душа компании
    "I'd like to invite Tom; he is very attractive and the life of the party into the bargain.
  • lift/raise a finger/hand
    (не) пошевелить пальцем, чтобы помочь (кому-либо)
    Sue will never lift a finger to help her parents.
  • light into (someone)
    ругать кого-либо
    The woman lit into her husband when he came home at midnight.
  • light into (something)
    есть жадно, поглощать что-либо
    The children were very hungry; they lit into their dinner hastily.
  • light on one's feet
    быть лёгким на ногу
    My Aunt Polly is almost seventy, but she is still light on her feet.
  • light out (for somewhere)
    быстро отправиться куда-либо, "поскакать"
    Daniel got up early and prepared to light out for his first day at school.
  • light up
    оживиться (о лице), загореться (о глазах)
    His face lights up when he becomes interested.
  • like a bat out of hell
    очень быстро, со всех ног, во весь опор
    The thief left the house like a bat out of hell.
  • like a bolt out of the blue
    внезапно, откуда ни возьмись, "как гром среди ясного неба"
    The news of his son's death was like a bolt out of the blue.
  • like a bump on a log
    не реагирующий ни на что, ничего не делающий (дословно - как шишка на бревне)
    I spent all day at home like a bump on a log.
  • like a deer caught in the headlights
    (быть) в замешательстве
    Marion looked like a deer caught in the headlights when she learnt that she had failed the test.
  • like a fish out of water
    оказаться совершенно не на месте, "как рыба без воды"
    I felt like a fish out of water when I came to the health club for the first time.
  • like a house on fire
    быстро и энергично
    They worked like a house on fire because they wanted to complete the construction of the bridge by winter.
  • like a sitting duck
    неподозревающий, неосведомлённый
    Jason was like a sitting duck when the finance director told him about the problems he was unaware of.
  • like a three-ring circus
    оживлённый, кипучий, хлопотливый
    On the Eve of Christmas shopping centers in Europe are like a three-ring circus.