Идиомы на букву L

  • lose oneself (in something)
    глубоко погрузиться во что-либо
    The book was fantastic, and I literally lost myself in it.
  • lose out on (something)
    упустить возможность, не воспользоваться чем-либо
    If you do too much sport, it starts to rule your life. Then you lose out on other joys of life like music, cinema, and books.
  • lose out to (someone or something)
    уступить первенство кому-либо \ чему-либо
    Our team lost out to the other team in the baseball game yesterday.
  • lose sight of (something)
    потерять что-либо из виду
    The plane was flying very high and soon we lost sight of it.
  • lose sleep over (someone or something)
    потерять сон из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо
    He lost sleep over his recent family problems.
  • lose touch with (someone)
    потерять связь, контакт с кем-либо
    She graduated from the university long ago but didn't lose touch with her university friends.
  • lose track of (someone or something)
    потерять связь, не быть в курсе дела
    I keep a diary so that I may not lose track of events in my life.
  • lost and gone forever
    утерян, утрачен навсегда
    The insurance company will pay to rebuild the house. They say t the house will be as good as new. But many of the things in the house were lost and gone forever.
  • lost cause
    безнадёжное, проигранное дело
    Trying to change the work habits of our secretary is a lost cause. She will never change.
  • lost in the shuffle
    упустить из виду или быть утерянным в запутанной или неблагоприятной ситуации
    As the family was moving from place to place, some of their utensils were lost in the shuffle of the move.
  • lost in thought
    быть погружённым в свои мысли
    James was lost in thought when somebody knocked on his door.
  • lost on (someone)
    затрачивать напрасно, не иметь должного эффекта
    Jim's mother insisted that he do better at school, but her words were lost on him.
  • lost-and-found
    бюро находок
    I left my camera in the train and went to the lost-and-found office at the train station to regain it.
  • loud and clear
    громко и чётко
    He preferred to speak loud and clear.
  • loudmouth
    болтун, трепло
    Ron is a loudmouth; he is also noisy and boastful.
  • louse up
    испортить, изгадить
    "Don't you think that you've loused up your job interview? Now there is no chance for you of getting a good job."
  • lousy with (something)
    изобилие, избыток чего-либо (с негативным оттенком)
    The summer cottage was lousy with mosquitoes.
  • love at first sight
    любовь с первого взгляда
    Theirs was love at first sight, but unfortunately it didn't last long.
  • lovely weather for ducks
    дождливая погода
    "Lovely weather for ducks," I thought, walking to my car in the rain.
  • lover's lane
    аллея влюблённых
    They parked their car in the lover's lane.
  • low man on the totem pole
    самый незначительный человек (в организации)
    "Nothing depends on me, you know. I am a low man on the totem pole in our company."
  • lowdown
    правдивая информация
    "I want you to give me the lowdown on the new equipment we received yesterday."
  • lower one's sights
    умерить, снизить свои запросы
    Gina did not graduate from college and will have to lower her sights when she applies for a job.
  • lower one's voice
    понизить голос
    My mother asked me to lower my voice because my little sister was asleep.
  • lower oneself to (some level)
    опуститься до (какого-либо уровня поведения)
    James does not want to lower himself to the same level as his friend who likes to cheat at the exams.
  • lower the boom on (someone)
    накричать, наорать на кого-либо, "спустить всех собак"
    The father lowered the boom on his daughter who had used his car without any permission.
  • LP
    Long-Playing Record - долгоиграющая пластинка
    LPs are no longer popular, and John decided to give all of his old records to a charity.
  • LPG
    Liquid Petroleum Gas - сжиженный углеводородный газ
    The driver of a truck carrying LPG should be very careful.
  • luck out
    внезапно повести
    I lucked out with the railway tickets and was able to get good seats in the train.
  • lull (someone) into a false sense of security
    усыпить чью-либо бдительность
    The inhabitants of Troy were lulled into a false sense of security by being given a wooden horse as a gift.
  • lull (someone) to sleep
    укачать кого-либо (чтобы человек заснул)
    The baby was restless, and Sally had some difficulty to lull it to sleep.
  • lull before the storm
    затишье перед бурей
    It was the lull before the storm when my boss walked into our office to speak about our new work schedule.
  • lunatic fringe
    самые экстремальные члены группы
    A small lunatic fringe of protesters caused a lot of trouble at the protest rally.