Идиомы на букву R

  • rain (something) out
    испортить что-либо, не состояться из-за дождя
    The art festival, which was supposed to be outdoors, was rained out yesterday afternoon.
  • rain cats and dogs
    льёт как из ведра
    The sky is overcast, and I bet it's raining cats and dogs in the mountains.
  • rain check
    бесплатный билет на ранее отложенное мероприятие
    They were given a rain check for the performance that was cancelled because of the death of the leading actor.
  • rain on (someone's) parade
    расстраивать чьи-либо планы
    "I am going to throw a big New Year party. Please don't rain on my parade."
  • rain or shine
    при любой погоде, что бы не было
    We are having a barbecue tomorrow, rain or shine.
  • right as rain
    (быть) в полном порядке; правильный, подлинный
    The information given by the newscaster was as right as rain.