Идиомы на букву R

  • read (someone's) lips
    внимательно слушать кого-либо и верить тому, что говориться
    The teacher told the students to read her lips and listen carefully to what she was saying.
  • read (someone's) mind
    читать чьи-либо мысли
    I tried to read my father's mind, but I couldn't make out what he was thinking about my new job.
  • read (someone) his or her rights
    ознакомить кого-либо со своими правами (при аресте)
    The police officer read the burglar his rights before he was taken to jail.
  • read (someone) like an open book
    прекрасно понимать кого-либо
    Emily, who read her husband like an open book, pretended that she didn't suspect anything.
  • read (something) into (something)
    придавать чему-либо какое-либо значение
    I decided not to read anything into the recent actions of my boss.
  • read (something) over
    прочесть от начала до конца
    Ivory read the documents over carefully before signing them.
  • read (something) through
    прочесть, дочитать до конца
    She read the typed letter through again.
  • read between the lines
    читать между строк
    Millicent might have read between the lines; she might have had more knowledge about her husband's character.
  • read out loud
    читать вслух
    His letter was read out loud to us.
  • read the handwriting on the wall
    предвидеть что-либо (подмечая детали и намёки)
    I could easily read the handwriting on the wall, and I knew beforehand what was going to happen to our firm.
  • read the riot act (to someone)
    строго предупредить кого-либо
    The mother read the riot act to the kids; she told them that if they didn't stop making noise, they'd get it hot.
  • read to oneself
    читать про себя
    I saw her lips moving as she was reading to herself.
  • read up on (someone or something)
    изучать что-либо, читать соответствующую литературу
    Since he had never paid much attention to either history or economics Ben had to read up on both subjects before taking the exams.