Идиомы на букву R

  • right and left
    со всех сторон, справа и слева, повсюду
    While delivering lectures Professor Kenworth likes to quote right and left.
  • right as rain
    (быть) в полном порядке; правильный, подлинный
    The information given by the newscaster was as right as rain.
  • right away
    тот час же, сразу, прямо сейчас
    "You needn't go to the bank right away; you can do it later."
  • right hand does not know what the left hand is doing
    правая рука не знает, что делает левая, отсутствие согласованности
    I am sorry to say but there isn't any appropriate communication in the company that's why the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.
  • right off the bat
    сразу, немедленно, "с места в карьер"
    As soon as the students came to school, they were told right off the bat that they would take a test that day.
  • right on
    верно, правильно
    Tim could hardly refrain from saying 'right on' every time the director mentioned some facts in his report.
  • right on time
    точно вовремя
    The plane arrived at the airport right on time.
  • right out
    (сказать) прямо, без обиняков
    I told my friend right out that I did not like the way he behaves in public places.
  • right side up
    правильной стороной вверх
    My car slipped onto the side of the road and rolled over, but it landed right side up when it stopped.
  • right under one's nose
    прямо перед носом
    I have been searching for my pad for twenty minutes or so before I saw it right under my nose.