Идиомы на букву R

  • run (someone) in
    арестовать кого-либо
    They had him run in for drunken driving.
  • run (someone) out
    заставить кого-либо уйти, исключить
    The police ran the hooligans out of our area.
  • run (something) by (someone) again
    повторить что-либо кому-либо ещё раз
    I wanted my sister to run her ideas by me again.
  • run (something) into the ground
    испортить, довести что-либо до ручки
    Tom ran his computer into the ground and had to buy another one.
  • run a meeting
    вести собрание
    Very few people are capable of running a meeting very well.
  • run a risk of (something)
    подвергаться риску, рисковать
    "You run a risk of losing all the money you have if you are not careful."
  • run a tight ship
    управлять чем-либо (организацией, своей жизнью)
    My friend's father is a very orderly person; he runs a tight ship and seldom makes mistakes in his life.
  • run afoul of (someone or something)
    попасть в беду из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо, запутаться, преступить закон
    Jeremy got involved in a car fraud and ran afoul of the law.
  • run afoul of the law
    нарушить закон
    Paul Browning was arrested because he had run afoul of the law.
  • run after (someone) or (something)
    бежать за кем-либо \ чем-либо, преследовать
    A small dog was running after a big cat.
  • run an ad
    опубликовать рекламу, объявление
    The computer firm ran an ad to tell the public about the new service.
  • run an errand
    выполнять поручение
    My brother often has to run an errand for our father.
  • run around
    бегать по разным местам
    On Christmas Eve I ran around all day, buying presents for relatives and friends.
  • run around in circles
    суетиться, но мало что сделать
    Sarah had been running around in circles all day but she didn't accomplish much.
  • run around like a chicken with its head cut off
    бегать как сумасшедший, метаться
    Joe spent the day running around like a chicken with its head cut off when he discovered that he had lost important documents.
  • run around with (someone)
    водиться с кем-либо, иметь в друзьях кого-либо
    "I don't allow you to run around with those guys; they are a bad party."
  • run away with (someone)
    сбежать с кем-либо, уйти от мужа
    Joanna ran away with Mark and they got married in two months.
  • run away with (something)
    убежать с чем-либо, увлечься чем-либо
    The maid ran away with the duchess's jewels.
  • run counter to (something)
    идти против чего-либо, противиться
    "Your actions run counter to what you are always saying."
  • run down
    переутомляться, плохо выглядеть
    My friend has become run down since she started working at night.
  • run down (someone or something)
    сбить кого-либо \ что-либо
    "Never cross the street against the red light; you may be run down by a car."
  • run down (someone)
    унижать кого-либо, отзываться с пренебрежением
    "It isn't a nice thing to do to run down her friends behind their backs."
  • run for it
    удирать, спасаться бегством
    When the soldiers started shooting, they ran for it and tried to get to the shelter of the nearest building.
  • run for one's life
    бежать изо всех сил, спасаться бегством
    The cat ran for its life and vanished among some shrubs.
  • run hot and cold
    быть противоречивым
    The reviews of the new performance are running hot and cold, and I am not sure if I will go to see it.
  • run in (somewhere)
    навестить, забежать, заглянуть (куда-либо)
    "Why don't you run in to see me some day?"
  • run in the family
    общая семейная черта
    Sofia is very absent-minded and unpractical; it runs in the family, I guess.
  • run interference
    вступаться за кого-либо; вмешиваться, с целью защитить кого-либо
    My boss never runs interference on his employees to protect them.
  • run into
    выразиться в определённой сумме (об убытках)
    The damages were shocking; they ran into thousands of dollars.
  • run into (someone or something)
    ударить, налететь на что-либо, сбить кого-либо \что-либо
    The car ran into a tree and turned over.
  • run into (someone)
    случайно встретиться с кем-либо, столкнуться
    In Rome I ran into a friend of mine who was on holiday there too.
  • run into (something)
    смешиваться с чем-либо
    During the laundry the blue paint of my dress ran into the yellow paint of blouse.
  • run into a brick wall
    натолкнуться на каменную стену
    When I decided to make some improvement in the office, I ran into a brick wall; my boss wanted to leave everything as it was.
  • run like clockwork
    отлично работать (как часы)
    We installed new equipment and it runs like clockwork.
  • run low on (something)
    иссякать, быть на исходе, подходить к концу
    We were running low on our supplies.