Идиомы на букву R

  • rain cats and dogs
    льёт как из ведра
    The sky is overcast, and I bet it's raining cats and dogs in the mountains.
  • right as rain
    (быть) в полном порядке; правильный, подлинный
    The information given by the newscaster was as right as rain.
  • rain on (someone's) parade
    расстраивать чьи-либо планы
    "I am going to throw a big New Year party. Please don't rain on my parade."
  • red flag
    сигнал, предупреждающий об опасности
    The driver stopped the car and raised a red flag before he started to change a mag wheel.
  • rat race
    жизнь, как бесконечная гонка и отчаянная борьба за успех; "крысиные бега"
    Working and living in a big city is too much of a rat race that's why Sandra is not satisfied with her life in New-York.
  • red tape
    излишние формальности, волокита, бюрократизм
    It wasn't red tape on the hospital's part; the patient was too sick to see anyone.
  • rain or shine
    при любой погоде, что бы не было
    We are having a barbecue tomorrow, rain or shine.
  • rule of thumb
    общепринятое правило; образец, модель
    It is a rule of thumb that if a fire alarm sounds, it's necessary to call 911.
  • run out of (something)
    истощить запас чего-либо
    I discovered that I had run out of tea and sugar and had to go to the supermarket immediately.
  • red herring
    отвлекающий манёвр, что-либо сбивающее со следа
    The military maneuvers are a red herring, and they are not related to the matters of peace in this area.
  • rob Peter to pay Paul
    поддерживать одно в ущерб другому
    It was obvious that this was merely a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  • run the gauntlet
    столкнуться с тяжёлыми испытаниями или неприятным опытом
    I had to run the gauntlet of many medical tests before I was pronounced to be absolutely cured.
  • red-carpet treatment
    обращаться по-королевски
    I want to give a red-carpet treatment to my friends when they come to visit me.
  • ring a bell
    вызвать воспоминания, найти отклик в душе
    The name rings a bell; I may have heard it before, but I can't place it properly.
  • red-letter day
    праздник, памятный день, "красный день календаря"
    It was a red-letter day for Richard as nobody bothered him that day.
  • reach for the sky
    ставить большие цели
    I think Jenny is reaching for the sky in her desire to be at the top of the class.
  • run out of time
    использовать (положенное) время
    At the meeting they had been discussing a lot of issues till they ran out of time.
  • red-eye
    ночной рейс, прибывающий рано утром
    They had to take a red-eye flight to be able to get to London on the appointed day.
  • run down
    переутомляться, плохо выглядеть
    My friend has become run down since she started working at night.
  • rat on (someone)
    выдать кого-либо, рассказав о неприглядном поведении; донести
    I asked my sister not to tell Mother about the spoilt carpet, but she ratted on me.
  • rip off (someone or something)
    обмануть кого-либо \ что-либо, обсчитать
    Jess was ripped off by the booking clerk at the railroad station.
  • rack one's brain
    ломать себе голову над чем-либо
    Peter was racking his brains, trying to remember where he had put his car keys.
  • rub (someone/someone's fur) the wrong way
    раздражать кого-либо, "гладить против шерсти"
    Olaf's insolence and rude behavior constantly rubs me the wrong way.
  • read to oneself
    читать про себя
    I saw her lips moving as she was reading to herself.
  • run in the family
    общая семейная черта
    Sofia is very absent-minded and unpractical; it runs in the family, I guess.
  • raise eyebrows
    вызвать чьё-либо неодобрение
    Ron raised eyebrows when Steve failed to complete his job in time.
  • run a tight ship
    управлять чем-либо (организацией, своей жизнью)
    My friend's father is a very orderly person; he runs a tight ship and seldom makes mistakes in his life.
  • roll with the punches
    приспособиться к трудным обстоятельствам
    Some of the travelers were not able to roll with the punches and had to lay over their trip to the mountains.
  • roll out the red carpet
    встречать важного гостя
    They rolled out the red carpet when the US President came for a visit.
  • rolling in money
    иметь большое количество денег, "купаться в деньгах"
    Mr. Hobson was rolling in money and didn't have to work.
  • run low on (something)
    иссякать, быть на исходе, подходить к концу
    We were running low on our supplies.
  • rich in (something)
    быть богатым чем-либо (полезными ископаемыми, традициями и т.д.)
    Russia is rich in many mineral resources.
  • rain check
    бесплатный билет на ранее отложенное мероприятие
    They were given a rain check for the performance that was cancelled because of the death of the leading actor.
  • red-hot
    имеющий большой спрос
    Thanks to the advertising the new book has become red-hot and many people want to buy it.
  • rub off on (someone)
    передаваться кому-либо (от кого-либо)
    The woman's arrogance and selfishness rubbed off on her daughter as well.