Идиомы на букву R

  • roll around
    происходить в положенный срок
    Every time that their wedding anniversary rolls around, they throw a big party.
  • roll back (a price)
    снизить цену до прежнего уровня
    Before the Christmas sale the prices were high, but during the Christmas sale the prices at most stores were rolled back.
  • roll in
    приходить в большом количестве
    The letters with Christmas greetings have been rolling in since the middle of December.
  • roll out the red carpet
    встречать важного гостя
    They rolled out the red carpet when the US President came for a visit.
  • roll up one's sleeves
    засучить рукава, приготовиться к серьёзной работе
    We had to roll up our sleeves to help clean the house from top to bottom.
  • roll with the punches
    приспособиться к трудным обстоятельствам
    Some of the travelers were not able to roll with the punches and had to lay over their trip to the mountains.