Идиомы на букву R

  • rule (someone) out of order
    лишить кого-либо слова (на собрании)
    The chairman ruled the speaker out of order because the latter began to deviate from the point.
  • rule (someone) with an iron fist
    управлять кем-либо железной рукой
    Mr. Domby ruled his household with an iron fist.
  • rule of thumb
    общепринятое правило; образец, модель
    It is a rule of thumb that if a fire alarm sounds, it's necessary to call 911.
  • rule out (someone or something)
    исключить кого-либо \ что-либо
    The condition of the ground ruled out any chance of hunting that day.
  • rule the roost
    распоряжаться, задавать тон, хозяйничать
    There's no doubt who rules the roost in this house.