Идиомы на букву R

  • rough guess
    приблизительная оценка, приблизительный подсчёт
    I made a rough guess about how much I would be paid for the job.
  • rough it
    обходиться без удобств
    They were ready to rough it for a few days on a camping trip.
  • rough up (someone)
    избивать кого-либо, нападать
    Two hooligans roughed up the bartender in the Irish bar and tried to take the money.
  • rough-and-ready
    не очень хороший, сделанный кое-как, на скорую руку
    The house was of the rough-and-ready order, but it suited our purpose.
  • rough-and-tumble
    суматошное (обсуждение), борьба не по правилам
    Hugo was successful in his rough-and-tumble dispute with his opponent.