Идиомы на букву R

  • red cent
    небольшая сумма денег, "медный грош"
    I wanted to buy a boat from Tom, but it looked so shabby that I would not give a red cent for it.
  • red flag
    сигнал, предупреждающий об опасности
    The driver stopped the car and raised a red flag before he started to change a mag wheel.
  • red herring
    отвлекающий манёвр, что-либо сбивающее со следа
    The military maneuvers are a red herring, and they are not related to the matters of peace in this area.
  • red in the face
    смутиться, покраснеть
    Zeta was red in the face after I had disclosed all her lies.
  • red ink
    That small business had much red ink because of the softening of economy.
  • red tape
    излишние формальности, волокита, бюрократизм
    It wasn't red tape on the hospital's part; the patient was too sick to see anyone.
  • red-carpet treatment
    обращаться по-королевски
    I want to give a red-carpet treatment to my friends when they come to visit me.
  • red-eye
    ночной рейс, прибывающий рано утром
    They had to take a red-eye flight to be able to get to London on the appointed day.
  • red-hot
    имеющий большой спрос
    Thanks to the advertising the new book has become red-hot and many people want to buy it.
  • red-letter day
    праздник, памятный день, "красный день календаря"
    It was a red-letter day for Richard as nobody bothered him that day.
  • roll out the red carpet
    встречать важного гостя
    They rolled out the red carpet when the US President came for a visit.