Идиомы на букву S

  • second a motion
    согласиться с предложением, одобрить
    Simon seconded the motion that the office hours should be an hour longer.
  • second hand
    использованный, не новый
    Maria bought some second-hand clothes for her baby son.
  • second nature to (someone)
    чья-либо вторая натура
    It is second nature to Della to talk nineteen to the dozen.
  • second thought
    дальнейшие соображения, пересмотр решения
    "On second thought maybe I should join you to go on an excursion."
  • second to none
    никем не превзойдённый; лучше, чем всё остальное
    Jack is a very gifted pianist; his performance is usually second to none.
  • second wind
    второе дыхание
    After they got their second wind, they continued to rake the hay.
  • second-guess (someone)
    предугадать чьи-либо действия
    It is next to impossible to second-guess what Steve would do in a risky situation.
  • second-rate
    The radio-set which my brother bought is not of the best quality; it's definitely second-rate.