Идиомы на букву S

  • shake (someone) down
    получить деньги путём угроз, "потрясти кого-либо"
    Lionel had to shake Noel down to get the money the latter owed him.
  • shake a leg
    идти быстро, "шевелить ногами"
    "Please shake a leg if you want to be in time for the lecture."
  • shake hands on (something)
    пожать руки (в знак взаимного согласия)
    They shook hands on the agreement that they would coordinate their actions.
  • shake hands with (someone)
    пожать руки в знак приветствия
    Chan shook hands with his friend when he met him outside the office.
  • shake off (someone or something)
    избавиться от кого-либо \ чего-либо
    George could never shake off a certain stiffness of manner.
  • shake off an illness
    выздороветь, стряхнуть с себя болезнь
    I took some medicine for my sore throat to shake off the illness.
  • shake up (someone)
    потрясти или расстроить кого-либо
    The prices are rising and it shakes up many people in this country.
  • shake up (something)
    перестроить что-либо
    The new sales manager decided to shake up the company in order to bring new energy into the department.