Идиомы на букву S

  • send (someone) about his or her business
    прогонять кого-либо, выпроваживать
    I sent Joan about her business when she tried to interfere with my work.
  • send (someone) off
    устраивать кому-либо проводы
    My father-in-law was leaving for Canada, and we went to the airport to send him off.
  • send (someone) packing
    выставить кого-либо, выгнать без всяких церемоний
    A drunkard knocked on my door asking for a glass of wine, but I sent him packing.
  • send (someone) up
    засадить кого-либо в тюрьму
    He had enough evidence to send Hobson up for quite a long time.
  • send (someone) up the river
    посадить кого-либо в тюрьму
    Sandra Ross hoped that the judge wouldn't send her up the river if she plead bargain.
  • send (something) C.O.D. (care of delivery)
    отправить что-либо наложенным платежом
    I ordered a few disks and the company sent them C.O.D.
  • send away for (something)
    отправить письмо с просьбой чего-либо
    I sent away for some price list on medication but it has not arrived yet.
  • send someone to the showers
    отстранить кого-либо от игры; убрать с поля или корта
    Our coach sent one of the players to the showers because the man had been injured during the game.
  • send up a trial balloon
    пустить пробный шар
    Gregory decided to send up a trial balloon to see how his boss would react to his business proposal.