Идиомы на букву S

  • stand (someone) in good stead with (someone or something)
    оказаться полезным для кого-либо \ чего-либо, пригодиться
    It will stand you in good stead with your future job if you get good education.
  • stand (something) on its head
    придать чему-либо противоположное значение, исказить, поставить с ног на голову
    We didn't agree with them because they stood this important matter on its head.
  • stand a chance of (doing something)
    иметь возможность делать что-либо
    Alan stood a good chance of getting the job of a computer programmer.
  • stand behind (someone or something)
    поддержать кого-либо \ что-либо
    "I will always stand behind you whatever you do."
  • stand by
    быть наготове, стоять наготове
    Lifeboats were standing by in case the ship sank.
  • stand by (someone)
    помогать, поддерживать, быть верным другом
    Marion is a very devoted wife; she always stands by her husband when he is in the lurch.
  • stand clear of (something)
    держаться подальше от чего-либо
    "Please stand clear of the window or else you might catch cold."
  • stand corrected
    признать ошибку, неправоту
    Stella had to stand corrected when she made a mistake about the time of the flight.
  • stand for (something)
    означать, символизировать
    In the Roman numerals the letter "C" stands for one hundred.
  • stand in (someone's) way
    стоять на пути кого-либо, быть барьером для чьих-либо желаний или намерений
    Sam did not want to stand in his ex-wife's way to happiness.
  • stand in awe of (someone or something)
    испытывать благоговейный трепет перед кем-либо \ чем-либо
    I stood in awe of Turner's pictures exhibited in the National Gallery in London.
  • stand in for (someone)
    замещать кого-либо
    Ron had to stand in for the security guard who had been taken ill.
  • stand off (someone or something)
    держать кого-либо \ что-либо на расстоянии, отдалять
    They were not able to stand off the rival teams and as a result they lost the tournament.
  • stand off from (someone or something)
    держаться в отдалении от кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Emily is a very shy child; she usually stands off from the other children of her age.
  • stand on ceremony
    придавать большое значение правилам поведения (церемониям)
    Please don't stand on ceremony; be natural and easy.
  • stand on one's head (to do something)
    делать большие усилия
    Jordan did everything but stand on his head to help his friend quit smoking.
  • stand on one's own two feet
    быть независимым, прочно стоять на ногах
    Joe has a useful job and earns his own money, so he stands on his own two feet.
  • stand one's ground
    стоять на своём, не отступать, не сдавать своих позиций
    "If you know you are right, stand your ground, don't yield."
  • stand out
    выделяться (на фоне кого-либо \чего-либо)
    The statue of the Happy Prince stood out against the dark sky.
  • stand over (someone or something)
    стоять над душой у кого-либо, контролировать что-либо
    "I don't want you to stand over me to make sure that I am doing my homework."
  • stand pat
    проводить свою линию, противиться переменам
    "If I were you, I should stand pat and not do anything to cause further problems."
  • stand still for (something)
    терпеть, переносить что-либо
    I won't stand still for any nonsense.
  • stand to reason
    иметь смысл, само собой разумеется
    It stands to reason that the children should spend more time outdoors.
  • stand up
    выдерживать (высокую температуру или продолжительное пользование)
    Steel stands up well to high temperature.
  • stand up (someone)
    не придти (на встречу, свидание)
    First Jane agreed to go out with Tim, but then she stood him up.
  • stand up and be counted
    выступить публично, занять решительную позицию
    I think I'll stand up and be counted before my boss takes decisive measures against me.
  • stand up for (someone or something)
    отстаивать, защищать, поддерживать
    A man must be able to stand up for his rights.
  • stand up to (someone)
    смело выступить против кого-либо
    I can't help admiring Ken; he stood up to his boss and told him everything in his face.