Идиомы на букву S

  • settle (someone's) affairs
    уладить свои или чьи-либо дела
    Before leaving for a holiday I had to settle my affairs at work.
  • settle (something) out of court
    уладить что-либо во внесудебном порядке
    There was some controversy between the company and the union, but it was finally settled out of court.
  • settle a score with (someone)
    отомстить, отплатить кому-либо той же монетой
    It's no use trying to settle a score with Mike for something that happened a few years ago.
  • settle down
    обживаться, обосновываться
    Mike had been moving from town to town for years, and finally he settled down in Springfield.
  • settle for (something)
    довольствоваться меньшим, чем хотелось бы
    I changed my job and for a while I had to settle for less than I had been paid before.
  • settle on (something)
    решиться на что-либо
    They settled on the trip to Japan.
  • settle up with (someone)
    отдать долг кому-либо, выплатить
    Sally paid for the train tickets and I settled up with her afterwards.