Идиомы на букву S

  • sack out
    лечь спать, "вырубиться"
    I was so tired that I sacked out as soon as I got into bed.
  • sacred cow
    кто-либо \ что-либо никогда не подвергающееся критике, "священная корова"
    The ideas of my boss are a sacred cow that should never be criticized or laughed at.
  • sadder but wiser
    наученный горьким опытом
    Johnny was sadder but wiser after his best friend had let him down.
  • saddle (someone) with (something)
    обременять кого-либо чем-либо
    "Please don't try to saddle me with your problems; I have got a lot of problems myself."
  • saddled with debt
    (быть) обременённым долгами
    The shop owner is saddled with debt and must sell his shop as soon as possible.
  • safe and sound
    цел и невредим (о людях и вещах)
    Nothing had harmed us on the way; we came home safe and sound.
  • safe bet
    уверенность, несомненный факт (досл. ставка на лошадь, которая непременно выиграет)
    Thompson's project change proposal is a safe bet and I am sure we should accept it.
  • safety in numbers
    чувство надёжности в окружении большого количества людей
    A lot of people were swimming in the rough sea, and I thought the risk was reduced because there is safety in numbers.
  • sage advice
    мудрый совет
    "You are always trying to give me sage advice; I am sick and tired of it."
  • sail into (someone)
    ругать или критиковать кого-либо, "наехать на кого-либо"
    As soon as David entered the house, his wife sailed into him for having come home very late.
  • sail right through (something)
    быстро и легко закончить что-либо
    I wasn't able to sail right through my essay; it took me a lot of time to finish it.
  • sail under false colors
    скрыть своё настоящее имя, "плыть под чужим флагом"
    Hudson had the wisdom to sail under false colors in that foolish jaunt of his.
  • salt (something) away
    припрятывать, "складывать в кубышку"
    I have been salting away some money, so that I can go on a holiday to Spain.
  • salt away (money)
    сберечь, сэкономить деньги
    I was able to salt away some money for my holiday.
  • salt of the earth
    соль земли (основательные, добрые люди)
    The majority of the people in our company is the salt of the earth; they are hard-working and friendly.
  • same as (someone or something)
    такой же, как
    I have exactly the same laptop as my friend used to have.
  • Same here!
    я тоже, и я также, тоже могу сказать о себе
    "I have often thought that I would like to see you again, Mike." - "Same here," he replied.
  • same old story
    старая история, старая песня
    It is the same old story with Steve. He promises to help but he never does.
  • same to you
    то же самое относится к тебе
    "The same to you," I told my brother when he said I was absent-minded.
  • sands of time
    течение времени (как сыпется песок в песочных часах)
    The sands of time have done much to make me understand the meaning of true friendship.
  • save (someone's) bacon
    помочь, спасти от провала
    I don't understand much about computers; and I was grateful to Steve as he saved my bacon when he came to help me.
  • save (someone's) neck/skin
    спасать свою шкуру
    Jeremy had to sell his investments in order to save his neck.
  • save (something) for a rainy day
    сберечь что-либо на чёрный день
    However hard I try I am never able to save some money for a rainy day.
  • save face
    сохранить свою репутацию, достоинство в неблагоприятной ситуации
    We ought to act very cautiously and try to save face whatever happens.
  • save one's breath
    помалкивать; не соваться со своим мнением, советами
    I had a lot of questions to ask her, but looking how upset she was, I thought I'd better save my breath.
  • save the day
    спасти положение
    "There is no use being angry with me for applying to Sam for help; I had to save the day."
  • save up (for something)
    делать сбережения, копить, откладывать
    With the money he is earning he can easily save up for a good car.
  • saved by the bell
    быть вовремя спасённым
    I was saved by the bell and do not have to answer the teacher's questions.
  • saving grace
    положительное качество, перевешивающее недостатки
    Dana's saving grace is her exceptional kindness, but at the same time she has a rather strange personality.
  • say "I do"
    согласен \ согласна (говорится во время венчания или регистрации брака)
    I know that during a wedding ceremony it is common to say "I do" when you agree to marry your partner.
  • say (something) in a roundabout way
    высказаться иносказательно
    I used a fable to say in a roundabout way in order to make myself understood.
  • say (something) right to (someone's) face
    сказать что-либо кому-либо прямо в лицо
    I didn't like my friend's behavior at the party, and I had a good mind to say it right to his face.
  • say (something) to (someone's) face
    сказать что-либо кому-либо в лицо
    I didn't like my friend's behavior at the party, and I had a good mind to say it to his face.
  • say (something) under one's breath
    сказать что-либо шёпотом
    I don't know why Jenny always says unpleasant things under her breath.
  • say a mouthful
    сказать что-либо важное, необычное, потрясающее
    My friend did say a mouthful when she narrated her unusual story.