Идиомы на букву S

  • so to speak
    так сказать
    Greg was not a bad guy, so to speak, although few people liked him.
  • speak for (something)
    попросить что-либо, выразить просьбу
    It was very cold in the hospital ward, and the patients spoke for hot water bottles.
  • speak highly of (someone or something)
    хорошо отзываться о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    The students spoke highly of their new tutor.
  • speak ill of (someone)
    плохо отзываться о ком-либо
    The tenants spoke ill of their apartment manager.
  • speak of the devil (and he appears)
    лёгок на помине
    "Speak of the devil and he appears," I said as Jimmy, who we were talking about, appeared in the doorway.
  • speak off the cuff
    выступать, говорить без подготовки
    Mr. Trent prefers to speak off the cuff at the meetings of any kind.
  • speak one's mind
    откровенно высказать кому-либо что-либо
    I am going to speak my mind and tell my boss about the shortcomings in our work.
  • speak out of turn
    говорить невпопад
    Maria is in the habit of speaking out of turn when the teacher asks her questions.
  • speak the same language
    иметь общие идеи, вкусы, мнения говорить на одном языке
    Unfortunately my cousin and I seldom speak the same language.
  • speak up
    говорить громко и отчётливо
    "I'd like you to speak up so that everybody in class can hear you."
  • speak up for (someone or something)
    говорить в пользу, в защиту кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Jonathan is always ready to speak up for the unemployed and the homeless.
  • speak with a forked tongue
    I suspect that Mark speaks with a forked tongue that's why everyone distrusts him.