Идиомы на букву S

  • slow as molasses in January
    быть очень медлительным
    My granddaughter is as slow as molasses in January when she walks to school in the morning.
  • slow down
    замедлять ход, тормозить
    Tim slowed down to 25 miles an hour.
  • slow going
    замедленный темп или трудность выполнения чего-либо
    It was slow going as I was learning to work on the computer.
  • slow on the draw
    медлительный (человек)
    Mary is said to be slow on the draw, but she immediately takes advantage of an opportunity when she sees it.
  • slow on the uptake
    тупой, несообразительный
    My new student is slow on the uptake, and I have to explain everything to him several times.
  • slow up
    The sales manager decided to slow up the activity of his department because of some problems.
  • slow-witted
    медленно соображающий, тупой
    "I don't think Kelly is slow-witted; she is just lazy."