Идиомы на букву S

  • sit (something) out
    высидеть; досидеть до конца, не участвуя в чём-либо
    Wanda had to sit out dances because nobody invited her to dance.
  • sit around (somewhere)
    сидеть где-либо и отдыхать
    We were sitting around in the cafe when Jim appeared in the doorway.
  • sit at (someone's) feet
    восхищаться кем-либо
    Elvis Regan is a great singer, and I am ready to sit at his feet for ever.
  • sit back
    быть построенным на каком-то расстоянии от улицы
    The church sits back a few hundred meters from the street.
  • sit back and let (something) happen
    ни во что не вмешиваться
    I decided to sit back and let things happen because I didn't want to interfere in their dispute.
  • sit bolt upright
    сидеть совершенно прямо (словно аршин проглотил)
    Peter sat bolt upright without moving.
  • sit idly by
    лениться; сидеть и смотреть, как другие работают
    Jerome was sitting idly by while his friends were doing the packing.
  • sit in for (someone)
    подменить кого-либо, занять чьё-то место
    My co-worker asked me to sit in for him in the lab during an experiment.
  • sit in judgment of (someone)
    выносить суждение кому-либо
    The members of the jury are to sit in judgment of the drug dealers' case.
  • sit in on (something)
    принимать участие в чём-либо
    Though he had no vote, he was allowed to sit in on the conference.
  • sit on (something)
    заседать, быть членом жюри или правления
    Although Mr. Kane has retired he still sits on the board of many corporations.
  • sit on its/their hands
    скупо аплодировать, встречать жидкими аплодисментами
    The performance of the clown was very poor, and the audience in the circus sat on their hands.
  • sit on one's hands
    сидеть сложа руки, бездействовать
    I sat on my hands and watched the other members of the family clean the living-room.
  • sit on the fence
    сохранять нейтралитет, занимать выжидательную позицию
    "I am not going to sit on the fence and support any of you in your dispute."
  • sit right
    приемлемый, подходящий
    "Is your proposal good enough to sit right with the other members of the family?"
  • sit through (something)
    высидеть до конца, выдержать до конца что-либо
    Though Ted didn't like the performance he was polite enough to sit through it.
  • sit tight
    терпеливо ждать
    "I want you to sit tight and wait for me near the counter while I am doing my shopping," the mother told her eight-year-old girl.
  • sit up and take notice
    (внезапно) заинтересоваться, встревожиться или насторожиться
    I heard a loud thump, which made me sit up and take notice.
  • sit up with (someone)
    сидеть (ночью) у постели больного
    The nurse sat up with her patient all night.
  • sit well with (someone)
    радовать кого-либо, угождать
    My suggestion to go on a picnic sat well with my friends.
  • sit-in
    сидячая забастовка
    The miners had a sit-in to demand better and less dangerous working conditions.