Идиомы на букву S

  • sell (someone) a bill of goods
    обмануть кого-либо
    The salesman sold me a bill of goods when he said that the digital camera was of good quality.
  • sell (someone) on a plan or idea
    убедить кого-либо, довести до сознания план или идею
    I tried to sell my father on the idea that we should buy a new modern car, but I couldn't convince him.
  • sell (someone) short
    недооценивать себя или кого-либо
    I think Gina is selling herself short when she thinks that she will not make a good actress.
  • sell (something) at a loss
    продать что-либо с убытком
    The factory was made to sell their goods at a loss.
  • sell (something) for a song
    продать что-либо очень дёшево
    The artist was neither famous nor popular, so he sold his picture for a song.
  • sell (something) off
    распродать со скидкой, распродать по дешёвке
    They usually sell off winter clothes at the end of the season.
  • sell (something) on credit
    продавать что-либо в кредит
    The shop sells a lot of things on credit.
  • sell (something) out
    распродать, продать всё целиком
    I went to the bookstore to get an English textbook, but the salesperson said they had sold them out.
  • sell like hotcakes
    раскупаются как горячие пирожки, берутся нарасхват
    The baseball game was supposed to be on Saturday and the tickets for it were selling like hotcakes.
  • sell out
    распродать всё целиком
    Every spring the company sells out all of their winter goods.
  • sell out (someone or something)
    предавать кого-либо \ что-либо, быть вероломным
    Margaret is obviously a bad person; she is the type that can sell out anyone for money and luxury.