Идиомы на букву S

  • set foot (somewhere)
    ступать куда-либо, входить
    Mike took offence and said he would never set foot in my house again.
  • shoot oneself in the foot
    сделать ошибку или принять глупое решение
    Nick shot himself in the foot when he decided to invest into a Canadian Oil company.
  • sit at (someone's) feet
    восхищаться кем-либо
    Elvis Regan is a great singer, and I am ready to sit at his feet for ever.
  • six feet under
    быть мёртвым
    "Mandy couldn't have called you, silly; she is six feet under."
  • stand on one's own two feet
    быть независимым, прочно стоять на ногах
    Joe has a useful job and earns his own money, so he stands on his own two feet.
  • start off on the wrong foot
    плохо начать (какую-либо деятельность или отношения с кем-либо)
    I can admit that I started off on the wrong foot with my in-laws.
  • sweep (someone) off his or her feet
    вызвать чей-либо восторг, поразить, потрясти
    When I saw my favorite singer appear on the stage, it swept me off my feet.