Идиомы на букву T

  • to speak of
    (что-либо) важное, о чём стоит говорить
    Fanny fell from her bike, but her injuries were nothing to speak of; just a few scratches.
  • to stand trial
    быть под судом
    Bella Summerfield will have to stand trial for forgery.
  • to stretch the truth
    представлять в ложном свете, давать неправильные сведения
    I think the witness was stretching the truth a little when she characterized the accused as a pessimist.
  • to strike out
    нанести сильные удары
    Mark lost his temper and struck out wildly.
  • to take it
    выносить, терпеть (неприятности, критику, оскорбления)
    "I am not going to take it submissively, mind you."
  • to take off
    взлететь, оторваться от земли
    The helicopters will take off when the weather clears.
  • to take on (something)
    брать на себя, предпринимать что-либо
    "I don't feel inclined to take on any more work at the moment. I am too busy."
  • to the best of one's ability
    по мере чьих-либо сил, в силу чьих-либо способностей
    I am always ready to help my friends to the best of my ability.
  • to the best of one's knowledge
    насколько мне известно
    To the best of my knowledge the Browns are a very devoted couple.
  • to the bitter end
    до самого конца
    Although Cora was bored to death by the performance, she thought it her duty to stay to the bitter end.
  • to the bone
    до основания, насквозь, до костей
    I am afraid I have worked my fingers to the bone.
  • to the contrary
    нечто обратное, противоположное (тому, что было сказано ранее)
    Although Joan was going to the movies with her boy friend, she told her parents to the contrary.
  • to the core
    целиком, глубоко, насквозь
    The police system in that country was rotten to the core.
  • to the ends of the earth
    на краю земли, глухое и труднодоступное место
    Ardent travelers are ready to go to the ends of the earth to see something unusual.
  • to the eye
    на первый взгляд, по-видимому
    Those jeans appear to the eye to be a good buy, but they might turn out to be not so good.
  • to the full
    в полной мере, сполна
    We went to Japan for our holiday and enjoyed our trip to the full.
  • to the hilt
    The man's guilt was proved to the hilt.
  • to the last
    до конца
    Yesterday I went to a wedding reception and stayed at the party to the last.
  • to the letter
    в точности, беспрекословно
    When filling in a document, you should follow the instructions to the letter.
  • to the naked eye
    на (первый) взгляд, (видеть) невооружённым глазом
    To the naked eye it looked like there was little damage to the house after the explosion.
  • to the nth degree
    предельно, в высшей степени
    Scales must be accurate to the nth degree.
  • to the tune of (an amount of money)
    в размере, на сумму
    We had to pay to the tune of twenty dollars to be admitted to the amusement park in Springfield.
  • to the wall
    (прижать) к стене, поставить в безвыходное положение
    Cynthia failed the last test, and it drove her to the wall.
  • to turn on a dime
    изменить планы или ориентацию
    John's life turned on a dime when he immigrated to Chili.
  • to turn out (something)
    производить, выпускать что-либо
    Huge power driven presses are capable of turning out 120,000 copies of a big newspaper in an hour.
  • to turn over
    When the car hit the hill, it turned over and stopped.
  • to whom it may concern
    кого это касается (так следует начинать письмо, если адресат не известен)
    If you do not know the name of addressee, you should begin your letter with the phrase, "to whom it may concern."
  • to wit
    а именно, то есть
    There were a lot of celebrities at the presentation of a new film, to wit famous actors, producers, and popular singers.
  • to/of no avail
    безуспешно, бесполезно
    They pulled the boy out of the river and tried to revive him, but to no avail.
  • toe the line
    подчиняться, слушаться
    The new teacher is strict and she will make the students toe the line.
  • toe the line/mark
    подчиняться правилам, слушаться
    The new teacher is strict and she will make the students toe the line.
  • toing and froing (on something)
    склоняться то в одну, то в другую сторону; менять решение относительно чего-либо
    Lana has been toing and froing for a long time on changing her job.
  • tone (something) down
    сделать что-либо менее насыщенным, смягчить что-либо
    The artist toned down the cruder colors on his painting.
  • tongue in cheek
    насмешливо, иронично, в шутку
    The remark was made tongue in cheek, but Bill got offended.
  • too bad
    очень жаль
    It was too bad Sara had smallpox when the circus came to town.