Идиомы на букву C

  • course of action
    ход дела, порядок, направление
    The three men decided on their course of action before they set out on a boat trip.
  • cover a lot of ground
    охватить много учебного материала
    The students covered a lot of ground in their Geography class at college.
  • cover all of one's bases
    тщательно подготовиться
    Kevin Roberts covered all of his bases before running for Governor.
  • cover for (someone)
    прикрывать чьё-либо отсутствие (промах, опоздание)
    "I often covered for you when you were away from work. Why don't you want to help me?"
  • cover ground
    поговорить, (многое) обсудить,
    The committee was in session for two hours and was able to cover much ground.
  • cover one's back
    оградить себя от грядущих неприятностей
    Unfortunately Mr. Quirk was not able to cover his back when dealing with the racketeers.
  • cover one's tracks
    скрывать свои действия, "заметать следы"
    "Don't try to cover your tracks. I know where you've been."
  • cover up (something)
    спрятать что-либо, скрыть что-либо плохое
    He tried to cover up the information about his shady past.
  • cow college
    сельскохозяйственный колледж
    My mother wants me to go to a cow college, but I'd rather enter a medical school.
  • cozy up to (someone)
    подлизываться к кому-либо
    "Don't to cozy up to me. I won't do your share of the work."
  • CPA
    Certified Public Accountant - дипломированный бухгалтер
    Jenny Brown in the accounting department is studying for her CPA exams now.
  • crack a book
    открывать книгу (для занятий, уроков)
    Jim should have cracked a book long before the end of term.
  • crack a joke
    рассказывать шутку
    "I know a lot of jokes. Would you like me to crack one?"
  • crack a smile
    расплыться в улыбке
    On seeing me Joshua cracked a smile.
  • crack down on (someone or something)
    принудить кого-либо строго исполнять правила или закон
    There was an increase in accidents on the road and the police decided to crack down on speeding cars.
  • crack of dawn
    рассвет, ранее утро
    They left the town at the crack of dawn.
  • crack the whip
    заставить усердно работать с помощью угроз "погонять палкой"
    We were going to crack the whip so that to get the job finished in time."
  • crack up
    разразиться смехом, рассмеяться
    The film was so hilarious that I couldn't help cracking up.
  • crackpot
    чудак, эксцентричный человек
    Alva is a real crackpot; his ideas do not make sense to anybody.
  • cramp one's style
    ограничивать (разговор), сковывать (действие)
    Ann's mother doesn't allow her to talk much on the phone and it cramps her style.
  • crank (something) out
    сделать что-либо
    David was able to crank out a few essays before the end of the year.
  • crank out a paper
    писать что-либо механически, не думая
    At the university I used to crank out a paper to be able to pass exams.
  • crash and burn
    провалиться с треском
    In spite of various special effects the performance crashed and burned.
  • crash the gate
    являться без приглашения (без билета), быть незваным гостем
    The people who didn't want to pay for the ticket decided to crash the gate.
  • crazy about (someone)
    быть без ума от кого-либо/ чего-либо
    Cora's boyfriend said he was crazy about her.
  • cream of the crop
    самые лучшие, сливки общества
    "Stop looking for the cream of the crop; it's not always possible to get the best."
  • cream puff
    неприспособленный к жизни человек
    Jeremy is a regular cream puff and he is easily influenced by other people.
  • create a stink
    поднимать шум, устраивать скандал
    "Don't take your father's car without his permission; he will create a stink when he learns about it."
  • create an uproar
    устраивать беспорядки, поднять шум
    The judge created an uproar when he demanded that those present should leave the court room.
  • creature comforts
    всё для удобства, комфорта
    We liked the hotel because we had all possible creature comforts during our stay.
  • credit to (someone or something)
    быть честью и славой для кого-либо или чего-либо
    The Math teacher was a credit to the school where he worked.
  • creep up on (someone or something)
    подкрадываться к кому-либо/ чему-либо
    "How you startled me! Why did you creep up on me?"
  • creeps
    сильное чувство страха или отвращения
    I know some people eat frog, but the very sight of it gives me the creeps.
  • crick in one's back/neck
    болезненный спазм шеи или спины
    Evidently I caught a cold for I woke up this morning with a terrible crick in my back.
  • criminal law
    уголовное право
    Professor Dobbin has been lecturing on criminal law for quite some time.