Идиомы на букву C

  • come to light
    обнаружиться, стать известным, "выйти на свет божий"
    The truth finally came to light.
  • come to mind
    придти в голову, припомнить
    I was trying to recollect the title of the book, but nothing came to mind.
  • come to nothing/naught
    окончиться ничем, свестись к нулю, не иметь никакого успеха
    All his schemes have come to nothing.
  • come to one's senses
    образумиться, взяться за ум, придти в себя
    "I want you to stop fooling around and come to your senses."
  • come to pass
    произойти, случиться, иметь место
    Jill does not know what will come to pass if she doesn't deal with the problem promptly.
  • come to terms
    придти к соглашению
    The Chief Executive and the labor union came to terms, and the strike was prevented.
  • come to terms with (someone or something)
    принять чьи-либо условия, договориться, прийти к соглашению
    We came to terms with them and struck a good bargain.
  • come to the fore
    выйти вперёд, занять важное место или позицию
    Peter Boy came to the fore and made up his mind to take an important position in the firm.
  • come to the point
    говорить по существу, переходить к делу
    "I know something about your troubles, so don't beat about the bush, come to the point at once."
  • come true
    сбываться, осуществляться, претворяться в жизнь
    "Happy birthday to you! May all your dreams come true!"
  • come unglued
    потерять контроль, очень расстроиться
    The owner of a small store came unglued when he learned that his store had burned down.
  • come up
    случиться, внезапно произойти
    "I know that you are worried about your parents. I'll let you know if something comes up."
  • come up in a discussion
    стать предметом дискуссии
    The issue of extra office hours suddenly came up in a discussion during the meeting.
  • come up in the world
    выйти в люди, преуспеть, делать карьеру "идти в гору"
    He is an extremely clear-headed and cautious young man; he is destined to come up in the world.
  • come up smelling like roses
    оправиться (после неудач, трудных времён)
    Linda had a lot of problems, but when I met her yesterday, she came up smelling like roses.
  • come up with (something)
    найти ответ, придумать что-либо
    Joe tried to come up with something interesting to do.
  • come what may
    будь, что будет; что бы ни случилось
    Come what may I am resolute to conquer the highest peak of the mountain.
  • come with the territory
    ожидаемое положение дел "иначе и быть не может"
    The fact that she has to work late at night comes with the territory with her job as a newscaster.
  • come-down
    понижение (по службе), уменьшение доходов, влияния
    Ronald's recent status is a come-down; he used to be invited to big functions but is now ignored.
  • come/go away empty-handed
    придти \ уйти с пустыми руками
    I wanted to buy an English-English dictionary but went away empty -handed.
  • come/turn up trumps
    оказаться более удачным, чем предполагалось
    Wanda's marriage turned up trumps which was a big surprise to her friends and family.
  • commercial law
    торговое право
    After I graduate the university I would like to practice in commercial law.
  • commit (something) to memory
    запомнить что-либо
    The names were difficult and I tried hard to commit them to memory.
  • common ground
    общие интересы
    The negotiations did not go well because there was no common ground between the negotiators.
  • common law
    общее право, неписаный закон
    Common law is mostly based on custom and court decisions of the past.
  • common property
    общая собственность (жителей)
    Parks in London are common property and anyone can use them.
  • common touch
    дружелюбный подход ко всем, дружеская манера обращения
    If you have a common touch, everybody will like you.
  • community property
    общее имущество супругов
    My husband and I decided to give some of our community property to our children.
  • company man
    преданный компании работник
    Mr. Right is a company man, and he usually puts in an extra effort for his company.
  • company town
    город, в котором преобладает один вид промышленности или одна компания
    Tampa used to be a company town; now it has a lot of industries.
  • comparative negligence
    неосторожность, халатность обеих сторон, преступная оплошность
    The traffic police determined that it was a case of comparative negligence for both the drivers and they both were responsible for the damage of their cars.
  • compare apples and oranges
    сравнивать несравнимое
    "Don't compare our old house to the new one; it's like comparing apples and oranges."
  • con (someone) out of (something)
    выманить у кого-либо деньги или что-либо ценное
    The gipsy outside the station tried to con me out of some money.
  • conclusive evidence
    неопровержимые доказательства
    The criminal was convicted due to the conclusive evidence of one of the witnesses.
  • conditional sale
    продажа с соблюдением определённых условий
    The sale of the estate was a conditional sale, and I couldn't occupy the house before the deal was complete.