Идиомы на букву C

  • come full circle
    пойти на попятную (отказаться от прежних планов, точки зрения)
    The local authorities came full circle with their social policy.
  • come hell or high water
    чтобы не случилось
    "Come hell or high water I will stand by you!"
  • come home to (someone)
    дойти до кого-то, стать очевидным
    It suddenly came home to me that he had left the town and I would never see him again.
  • come in handy
    пригождаться, быть полезным или удобным
    "I strongly advise you to buy this dictionary; it will come in handy one day, I am sure."
  • come in low
    предложить низкую цену
    Our product was not selling well, so we had to come in low.
  • come into (some money)
    получить наследство, вступать во владение
    When her aunt died, Zena came into some money and was able to buy a small house.
  • come into fashion
    войти в моду
    Fleece jackets have recently come into fashion.
  • come into one's own
    получать то, на что имеешь право
    "We had family mansions and estates. Shall we ever come into our own again?"
  • come of age
    достичь совершеннолетия
    In the U.K. young boys and girls come of age at 21, and than they can have all legal rights.
  • come off
    пройти успешно (о каком-либо мероприятии)
    The elections came off without a hitch.
  • come on strong
    подавлять кого-либо; наседать на кого-либо
    The boss came on strong at me to finish the job on time.
  • come on the scene
    появиться на месте действия
    Television first came on the scene in America in the fifties of the twentieth century.
  • come out ahead
    добиться улучшения, выиграть
    Their new house was expensive, but they came out ahead as it is very comfortable.
  • come out for (someone or something)
    объявить о своей поддержке кого-либо/ чего-либо
    George was a little surprised that Jeremy came out for his support.
  • come out in the wash
    сработать, как надо; хорошо получиться
    Everything came out in the wash as the construction workers did their best to repair the bridge.
  • come out of left field
    (быть) совершенно неожиданным
    Her decision to immigrate to Canada came out of left field.
  • come out of nowhere
    появиться неожиданно
    A big truck came out of nowhere and splashed mud on the passers-by.
  • come out of one's shell
    стать более общительным, дружелюбным "выйти из своей скорлупы"
    Tim is very reserved; it's necessary for him to come out of his shell and become more sociable.
  • come out of the blue
    появиться неожиданно, "как гром среди ясного неба"
    The news of Mrs. Peterson's death came out of the blue.
  • come out of the closet
    раскрывать свои секреты
    Everybody seems to have a secret of some sort, so I was not surprised when Tina came out of the closet.
  • come out with (something)
    сказать что-либо, выступить с заявлением
    Ronald came out with all the news we wanted.
  • come over
    прийти (с визитом)
    "Come over to my place and we can have a lot of fun."
  • come through
    придти на помощь
    "I am ready to come through if you need my help."
  • come to
    придти в себя (после операции, несчастного случая)
    It was many hours before he came to after being wounded.
  • come to a bad end
    умереть, плохо закончиться
    The tropic explorers came to a bad end while working in Africa.
  • come to a dead end
    зайти/ заехать в тупик
    The mountain road was treacherous, but they went on driving until they came to a dead end.
  • come to a head
    созреть, достичь высшей точки
    The problem came to a head and we were forced to talk about the issue.
  • come to a pretty pass
    довести до крайности, попасть в трудную ситуацию
    The epidemic was spreading fast; things came to a pretty pass and nobody knew what to do about it.
  • come to a standstill
    остановиться, застопориться
    The construction of the house came to a standstill when the workers ran out of cement.
  • come to an end
    закончиться, завершиться
    The film came to an end at last.
  • come to blows
    дойти до драки, придти в столкновение
    The two friends nearly came to blows when they were trying to fix the computer.
  • come to do/feel (something)
    узнать/ почувствовать что-либо
    At first sight the girl was frivolous, but when I came to know her better, I changed my opinion.
  • come to grief
    плохо кончить, попасть в беду
    "You won't be satisfied till you've got what you want. If you must come to grief, so be it."
  • come to grips with (something)
    вступить в борьбу с кем-либо, начать бороться
    The city administration came to grips with illegal sales of medication.
  • come to life
    оживать, придти в себя, развеселиться
    The party was extremely dull, and it was only towards the end of it that we came to life.