Идиомы на букву C

  • chicken and egg situation
    ситуация, при которой не ясно, где причина, а где следствие
    It was a chicken and egg situation; I didn't quite understand what caused problems with the computer.
  • chicken feed
    небольшая сумма денег
    "What you are giving me is chicken feed. I need a lot more money."
  • chicken out of (doing something)
    струсить, не сделать что-либо из-за страха
    Sarah chickened out of skiing in the mountains.
  • chicken-livered
    трусливый, малодушный
    Mark is chicken-livered; he is easily scared.
  • chickens come home to roost
    беда бедою отзовётся (то плохое, что желаете другому, вернётся к вам)
    Margaret's chickens have come home to roost, and she has to take responsibility for what she has done.
  • chilled to the bone
    промерзнуть до костей
    As I wore a flimsy coat, I got chilled to the bone.
  • chime in
    вступать в разговор, поддакивать
    "Why do you keep chiming in? Hold your tongue!"
  • chip in
    вносить пай, делать денежный вклад
    Before we went on a picnic, we chipped in and bought food and drinks.
  • chip in (money)
    вносить деньги, платить в складчину
    My friends and I decided to chip in some money to buy a birthday present for Lucy.
  • chip off the old block
    характером весь в отца, сын своего отца
    The young man was a chip off the old block; he looked and behaved exactly like his father.
  • chips and dip
    чипсы с соусом
    I asked my Mom to buy some chips and dip for me.
  • chips are down
    время больших трудностей, препятствий
    If chips are down, it means you are facing the greatest obstacles and difficulties.
  • chisel (someone) out of (something)
    вымогать у кого-либо что-либо
    A group of racketeers was chiseling small businesses out of their money.
  • choke (someone) up
    с трудом подавлять волнение, слёзы, "комок в горле"
    While reading the story about the life of a little unhappy orphan, I began to choke up.
  • choke (something) off
    заставить отказаться от чего-либо, пресечь
    The police was able to choke off the flow of drugs into the country.
  • CIA
    Central Intelligence Agency - Центральное разведывательное управление
    The CIA, the USA Central Intelligence Agency, is a spy and security organization.
  • circle the wagons
    занять круговую оборону
    The Indians began to circle the wagons when they saw the approaching enemy.
  • circulate the agenda
    раздать напечатанную информацию, которая будет обсуждаться или распространить повестку дня
    They usually circulated the agenda for a meeting a few days before the meeting.
  • circumstantial evidence
    косвенные доказательства или улики
    Jeremy thought he wouldn't be convicted on the basis of circumstantial evidence only.
  • citizen's arrest
    арест без ордера
    The shopkeeper made a citizen's arrest of a shoplifter.
  • civil action
    (подать) гражданский иск
    Ms. Brownbread took civil action over her complaint about her neighbors' trespassing.
  • civil law
    гражданское право
    Civil law deals with private matters but not with criminal cases.
  • claim a life
    стоить кому-либо жизни
    The fire in a hotel claimed the life of twenty people.
  • clam up
    Evidently they were talking about me as they clammed up when I appeared.
  • clamp down on (someone or something)
    стать строгим по отношении к кому-либо/ чему-либо
    The teacher clamped down on those students who disrupted the class.
  • class action lawsuit
    судебный процесс в интересах группы пострадавших людей
    The miners decided to file a class action lawsuit against the owners of coal mines for damage to their health.
  • clean bill of health
    документ о (хорошем) состоянии здоровья человека или животного
    I took my dog to the vet clinic for a check up, and the vet gave the dog a clean bill of health.
  • clean slate
    чистый лист (данные об отсутствии плохих поступков)
    Tom decided to turn over a new leaf and start off with a clean slate.
  • clean up
    получить кучу денег
    Joshua cleaned up at the state lottery last month.
  • clean up one's act
    улучшить свои показатели работы
    Matt Holler will have to clean up his act if he wants to be promoted.
  • clear (someone's) name
    доказать чью-либо невиновность
    Molly Morgan had to go to court in order to clear her name of the false charges.
  • clear a hurdle
    преодолеть препятствие
    There were a lot of obstacles on his way to success, but Leo finally managed to clear the major hurdles.
  • clear of (something)
    быть вдалеке от чего-либо, не соприкасаться с чем-либо
    The campers checked that the campfire was clear of cinders before leaving the camp.
  • clear out (of somewhere)
    уходить, убираться от куда-либо
    "Clear out! Or the police shall throw you out!"
  • clear out (something)
    очищать, устранять что-либо
    My Mom wanted me to clear out the mess on the balcony.