Идиомы на букву C

  • cast one's lot in with (someone)
    связать свою судьбу с кем-либо
    The young man cast his lot in with the criminals and had to accept whatever happened.
  • cast one's vote
    The elections started at eight and a lot of people came to cast their votes.
  • cast pearls before swine
    попусту тратить усилия на кого-либо, "метать бисер перед свиньями"
    I am not going to waste good advice on Leda any more because she never listens to it. I won't cast pearls before swine.
  • cast the first stone
    бросить первый камень, первым обвинить кого-либо
    "I know you did the wrong thing, but I don't want to cast the first stone and quarrel with you."
  • castles in the air
    несбыточные мечты
    My friend is a very practical person; she never builds castles in the air.
  • cat burglar
    вор-взломщик, забирающийся через стену (окно)
    When we came home, we realized that a cat burglar had been in our apartment; our TV set was stolen.
  • cat gets one's tongue
    быть не в состоянии что-либо сказать "язык проглотил"
    The cat got the boy's tongue when the teacher asked him about his homework.
  • cat nap
    короткий сон днём
    "I am going to take a cat nap in the afternoon, so don't disturb me."
  • cat on a hot tin roof
    (быть) полным кипучей деятельности, (скакать, как кот на горячей крыше)
    Little Kate was jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof and her mother could not make her behave.
  • catch (someone's) eye
    привлечь чьё-либо внимание
    A bright butterfly on the window-sill caught my eye.
  • catch (someone) in the act of (doing something)
    застать кого-либо на месте преступления
    My puppy was about to steal a piece of meat from the kitchen table but I caught it in the act.
  • catch (someone) napping
    застать кого-либо спящим; обнаружить, что кто-либо не готов к чему-либо
    The thieves caught the security guard napping and got into the building unnoticed.
  • catch (someone) off balance
    застать кого-либо врасплох
    I caught Sally off balance when I said that her rental lease had expired.
  • catch (someone) off guard
    застать кого-либо врасплох (во время беспечности)
    Leo, who was watching a DVD film, was caught off guard when his mother asked him about his homework.
  • catch (someone) red-handed
    быть захваченным с поличным
    The shop assistant caught a customer red-handed when she was stealing some clothes.
  • catch (someone) with their pants down
    застать кого-либо врасплох или за неподходящим занятием
    The boy was caught with his pants down when he tried to take his father's wallet.
  • catch a cold
    The child had a fever; evidently he had caught a cold.
  • catch fire
    At six o'clock in the morning the country house caught fire.
  • catch forty winks
    немного поспать
    Wanda was very tired after her work in the garden, and she decided to catch forty winks.
  • catch on
    понять что-либо, разобраться
    I was trying to convince Nelly to be reasonable, but she wouldn't catch on.
  • catch one's breath
    перевести дух, передохнуть
    Jimmy stopped to catch his breath; he had been running fast.
  • catch one's death of cold
    очень сильно простудиться
    I told my daughter it was necessary for her to wear a warm coat if she didn't want to catch her death of cold.
  • catch sight of (someone or something)
    увидеть, заметить
    I caught sight of Elena in the crowd and waved to her.
  • catch some Z's
    немного поспать, вздремнуть
    "You look very tired; you'd better catch some Z's."
  • catch up to (someone or something)
    догнать кого-либо, в том числе в учёбе, в состязаниях
    Diane was ill for a month and missed a lot of classes; now she is trying to catch up to the students of her class.
  • catch up with (someone or something)
    догнать кого-либо в том числе в учёбе, в состязаниях
    Diane was ill for a month and missed a lot of classes; now she is trying to catch up with the group.
  • catch-22
    парадоксальная ситуация, уловка
    It was a catch-22 situation for me. If I told the truth, there would be problems, but if I didn't, there would be problems too.
  • catch-as-catch-can
    всё, чем можно довольствоваться (о еде)
    We were very busy at the weekend, so our meals were catch-as-catch-can.
  • caught in the middle/cross fire
    быть (захваченным) между двух огней
    Jane was caught in the cross fire when her brother and his wife had a big quarrel.
  • caught short
    (не иметь) необходимое количество денег
    Vivian was caught short and had to get a loan from a bank to pay her living expenses.
  • caught unaware
    быть не готовым к чему-либо, удивиться
    When William proposed marriage, Emma was caught unaware; she didn't expect it.
  • caught with one's hand in the cookie jar
    быть пойманным с поличным
    The girl was caught with her hand in the cookie jar when the manager saw her stealing office supplies.
  • cause a stir
    вызвать волнение, тревогу, переполох
    The news that the only school in the neighborhood will be closed caused a stir.
  • cause eyebrows to raise
    шокировать, неприятно удивлять
    "Your firm refusal to participate in the program caused eyebrows to raise."
  • cause tongues to wag
    дать пищу для сплетен
    Kelly likes to shock people and it gives her pleasure to cause tongues to wag.