Идиомы на букву C

  • cold hard cash
    наличные (монеты, банкноты)
    Mr. Ackroyd bought a new car and paid cold hard cash for it.
  • cold snap/spell
    внезапное похолодание
    Nasty weather suddenly set in and the cold spell lasted for a week.
  • cold turkey
    резкое прекращение употребления наркотиков
    Collin must have stopped using drugs cold turkey because he looks very sick.
  • collect one's wits
    собраться с мыслями
    I had to collect my wits after the strange story Jami told me.
  • come (someone's) way
    подойти/ подъехать к кому-либо
    An elderly gentleman came my way and asked me to direct him to the shopping center.
  • come a cropper
    потерпеть неудачу
    Sam didn't study hard during the semester, and he came a cropper at the exams.
  • come a long way
    многого добиться, сделать большие успехи
    The young man has come a long way and has learned many things about his new job.
  • come about
    произойти, случиться
    I have no idea how the thing came about: it just happened that way.
  • come across (someone or something)
    (случайно) встретить кого-либо, случайно найти, обнаружить что-либо
    She came across this story in an old book.
  • Come again.
    Скажите снова. Пожалуйста, повторите.
    "Come again. I did not hear what you had said."
  • come alive
    оживиться, проявить активность
    "What's the matter with you? Come alive and start enjoying the game."
  • come along
    делать успехи, преуспевать
    "How are the students in your class coming along?"
  • Come and get it!
    Обед готов. Садитесь есть.
    I quickly laid the table for dinner. "Come and get it," my mother called out from the dining-room.
  • come around
    (наконец) согласиться на что-либо; придти в сознание, проснуться
    Lionel tried to persuade Minnie to marry him and finally she came around.
  • come as no surprise
    не быть сюрпризом
    It came as no surprise when the prices began to go up.
  • come away empty-handed
    уйти не с чем (ничего не добиться)
    I went shopping for clothes, but came away empty-handed.
  • come back
    I told my boyfriend to leave me alone and never come back.
  • come back (into fashion)
    снова войти в моду
    Old dresses, as if from my Granny's trunk, have recently come back into fashion.
  • come back to (someone)
    вспомниться (восстановить в памяти)
    The old saying came back to him: "Easy come, easy go."
  • come back with an offer
    вернуться к переговорам с новым предложением
    They were able to come back with a new offer and close the deal.
  • come between (two people)
    встрять между (двумя людьми), разрушить отношения
    Now she doesn't remember who came between her fiancee and her; but their engagement was broken.
  • come by (something)
    получать что-либо, наживать, добывать
    The best things are hard to come by.
  • come by (something) honestly
    честно получить что-либо
    Gordon Brown came by a large inheritance honestly, but some of his friends didn't believe him.
  • come clean
    признаваться, сказать правду
    "I want you to come clean and tell me what really happened."
  • come clean (with someone/about something)
    признаться в чём-либо, быть честным с кем-либо относительно чего-либо
    I decided to come clean with my friend about using his computer without his permission.
  • come down hard on (someone)
    жестоко наказывать кого-либо, бранить
    He couldn't believe that they would come down hard on him. He hadn't committed the crime they accused him of.
  • come down in price
    снизить цену
    They should come down in price if they want to sell out all the summer clothes they have in their shop.
  • come down in the world
    опуститься, потерять прежнее положение
    Lindson used to be a great artist, but unfortunately he came down in the world.
  • come down to (something)
    касаться чего-либо, (речь идёт о … )
    Adam is a skilled architect, has always been, when it comes down to work.
  • come down to earth
    перестать мечтать, "спуститься на землю"
    "Stop dreaming. Come down to earth. Get down to business."
  • come down with (something)
    заболеть чем-либо
    Kelly must be coming down with the flu; she is constantly sneezing and coughing.
  • come face to face with (someone or something)
    столкнуться лицом к лицу с кем-либо \ чем-либо
    At the airport I suddenly came face to face with a famous pop singer.
  • come from (somewhere)
    быть родом от куда-либо
    "I come from Russia and where do you come from?"
  • come from far and wide
    прибыть из разных мест, отовсюду
    The scientists came from far and wide to take part in the conference.
  • come from nowhere
    появиться ниоткуда, внезапно (без предупреждения)
    The lorry came from nowhere and splashed mud all over me.