Идиомы на букву L

  • like a ton of bricks
    сюрприз, полнейшая неожиданность (неприятная)
    The information about our firm's bankruptcy hit me like a ton of bricks.
  • like an open book
    легко понимаемое, не сложное
    I understand most of the computer programs; it's like an open book.
  • like crazy
    как сумасшедший
    They left the house late, and ran like crazy to be able to catch their train.
  • like father, like son
    каков отец, таков и сын
    "Like father, like son," the teacher said as she watched the boy slowly writing an exercise in his notebook.
  • like getting blood out of a stone
    очень трудно получить что-либо от кого-либо (так же, как выжать слезу из камня)
    It is like getting blood out of a stone to try and ask my father for money.
  • like greased lightning
    очень быстро, как молния
    The dog dashed out of the house like greased lightning.
  • like hell
    изо всех сил, стремительно;
    Jim had to run like hell that morning to be able to catch the bus for work.
  • like it or lump it
    либо принять, либо не принять что-либо
    "I offered you a fair price for the computer, so you can either like it or lump it; it's up to you."
  • Like it's such a big deal!
    Как будто бы это так важно!
    "Like it's such a big deal!" my friend said when had lost my computer disk.
  • like lambs to the slaughter
    безропотно, покорно, "как агнец на закланье"
    Our baseball players went like lambs to the slaughter to meet the best team in our area.
  • like looking for a needle in a haystack
    быть занятым бесполезными поисками, "искать иголку в стоге сена"
    My son always misplaces things, so looking for his car keys that day was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  • like mad
    очень быстро, как безумный
    I ran like mad but I was still unable to catch up with them.
  • like nothing on earth
    очень странный, необычный
    The toys in the gift shop were like nothing on earth and they surprised everyone who saw them.
  • like one of the family
    как будто бы член семьи
    Mike behaves like one of the family; he comes to us whenever he feels like it.
  • like pulling teeth
    очень трудно (делать)
    It was like pulling teeth to clean the mess in my brother's bedroom.
  • like shooting fish in a barrel
    лёгкая победа (из-за слабости противника)
    The chess competition was like shooting fish in a barrel. It was very easy to win.
  • like taking candy from a baby
    что-либо что очень легко сделать
    Jack is very good at repairing cars; it's like taking candy from a baby for him.
  • like two peas in a pod
    кто-либо хорошо знакомый, очень близкий (дословно – как две горошины в стручке)
    My mother's cousin and she are very close; they are like two peas in a pod.
  • like water off a duck's back
    всё ни почём, "как с гуся вода"
    It is absolutely useless criticizing Jenny; the criticism falls away like water off a duck's back.
  • like waving a red flag in front of a bull
    злить или раздражать кого-либо
    Talking about our neighbor with my mother is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.
  • like/love to hear oneself talk
    кто-либо, кто любит слушать только себя
    "You like to hear yourself talk and never listen what other people have to say."
  • likes of (someone)
    и ему подобный, такой же
    I don't want to have anything in common with Peter and the likes of him.
  • line of least resistance
    линия наименьшего сопротивления
    My friend hates to make any effort; he prefers to follow the line of least resistance.
  • line of products
    группа однородных товаров
    This shoe factory will introduce a new line of products in the autumn of next year.
  • line one's own pockets
    набивать себе карманы, обогащаться
    During the War some people lined their own pockets and did not do anything to help their country.
  • line up
    становиться в очередь, выстраиваться в ряд
    All the recruits were ordered to line up in front of the barracks.
  • line up (someone for something)
    наметить что-либо для кого-либо
    We couldn't very well line up the lecturer for Monday morning, so we had to cancel the lecture.
  • line up (someone with someone)
    свести кого-либо с кем-либо
    Hilda tried to line up her friend with her brother, but nothing came out of it.
  • line up (something with something)
    подгонять что-либо к чему-либо
    David had to line up two pieces of wood before he nailed them together.
  • lion's share of (something)
    львиная доля чего-либо
    Sam gave the lion's share of his stamp collection to his son.
  • lip service
    неискренние уверения, лицемерие, пустые слова
    She showed me her support only by words; in fact it was lip service.
  • lips are sealed
    не разглашать секрета, "закрыть рот на замок"
    "Don't worry, my lips are sealed and I won't tell anybody about your problem."
  • liquid assets
    ликвидные активы
    It was necessary to sell some of the company's liquid assets in order to raise cash.
  • listen to (someone) with half an ear
    слушать кого-либо не внимательно, в пол уха
    My girlfriend always talks nonsense, so I usually listen to her with half an ear.
  • listen to reason
    прислушиваться к голосу рассудка
    I tried to talk my friend out of quitting her job, but she would not listen to reason.