Идиомы на букву S

  • set the stage for (something)
    подготовиться к чему-либо
    Our football team set the stage for the final games which are to take place in summer.
  • set the table
    накрывать на стол
    "We'll have lunch soon. Will you set the table, please?"
  • set the world on fire
    сделать что-либо выдающееся
    Sofia thinks much of herself, but I know she is not able to set the world on fire.
  • set tongues wagging
    сплетничать, "распустить языки"
    The conflict between Landcroft and his wife set tongues wagging around the neighborhood.
  • set type
    устанавливать шрифт, набирать шрифт
    The book will be published shortly; they are setting type now.
  • set up (someone)
    подставить кого-либо
    Henry was accused of the crime he had not committed; he was sure that his partner had set him up.
  • set up (something)
    создавать что-либо, учреждать, снабжать (деньгами)
    The local government provided the money to set up an animal shelter.
  • set up a meeting
    устроить собрание, встречу, совещание
    Stella was trying to set up a meeting with the Dean of the Mass Media Department.
  • set up shop (somewhere)
    создать рабочее место где-либо
    Desmond decided to move to Chicago and set up shop there.
  • set upon (someone or something)
    наброситься на кого-либо \ что-либо
    An unfriendly dog set upon me the other day.