Идиомы на букву T

  • take a pay cut
    понижение заработной платы
    The construction workers were forced to take a pay cut after the strike.
  • take a potshot at (someone or something)
    критиковать кого-либо \ что-либо
    One of the employees ventured to take a potshot at the boss.
  • take a powder
    I am going to take a powder right after the meeting.
  • take a punch at (someone)
    ударить кого-либо кулаком
    The man moved forward and suddenly took a punch at the policeman.
  • take a shine to (someone)
    понравиться кому-либо
    The girl took a shine to her new next door neighbor.
  • take a shot/stab at (doing something)
    попытаться сделать что-либо
    Helen decided to take a shot at painting still-life.
  • take a shower/bath
    принимать душ, ванну
    Edna took a hot bath as soon as she got home.
  • take a spill
    упасть, свалиться
    Ted took a spill from the ladder when he was trying to whitewash the ceiling in the bathroom.
  • take a stand on (something)
    заявить свою позицию относительно чего-либо
    Lucy had to take a stand on this important matter.
  • take a toll on (someone or something)
    наносить ущерб кому-либо \ чему-либо
    The war took a heavy toll on the population of this country.
  • take a trip
    отправиться в путешествие, поездку
    I took a trip to the Himalayas last summer.
  • take a turn for the better
    изменяться к лучшему; поправляться
    Things began taking a turn for the better.
  • take a turn for the worse
    становиться хуже
    The patient seemed to be recovering, but all of a sudden he took a turn for the worse.
  • take a vacation
    взять отпуск; уехать в отпуск, на каникулы
    I have made up my mind to take a vacation in July and go to the country.
  • take a whack at (someone)
    ударить кого-либо
    Mark didn't expect the man to take a whack at him.
  • take a whack at (something)
    с жаром браться за что-либо
    Jim took a whack at fixing the truck but without any success.
  • take advantage of (someone or something)
    воспользоваться, использовать кого-либо \ что-либо (в своих целях)
    Theodor always takes advantage of the mistakes made by his rivals.
  • take after (someone)
    походить на кого-либо
    Jill Aster takes after her mother; she is fair-haired and blue-eyed like Mrs. Aster.
  • take aim at (someone or something)
    целиться в кого-либо \ во что-либо, сосредоточивать внимание
    The reporter took aim at the congressmen leaving the Capitol after the session.
  • take an interest in (something)
    заинтересоваться чем-либо
    Not long ago my husband took an interest in golfing.
  • take an oath
    произнести клятву
    Ron took the stand and took an oath to tell the truth.
  • take attendance
    отмечать, регистрировать присутствующих
    The Dean asked our monitor to take attendance when the students came to the lecture.
  • take back (something)
    взять (свои слова) обратно
    Adam told us that he would take back what he had said about Sam being stingy.
  • take care of (someone or something)
    заботиться о ком-либо \ чём - либо
    Everyone is to visit a dentist at least once a year to take care of their teeth.
  • take care of (something)
    быть осторожным с чем-либо, принять меры к чему-либо, постараться
    Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.
  • take care of number one
    заботиться, думать только о себе любимом
    Sofia is extremely selfish; she only takes care of number one and never thinks about other people.
  • take charge of (someone or something)
    взять в свои руки что-либо, контролировать кого-либо
    The great corporations have taken charge of the press and the radio and the state legislatures through their lobby system.
  • take down (something)
    записывать что-либо
    Rita gave me her phone number and I quickly took it down.
  • take effect
    вступить в силу (о законе, постановлении)
    The new tax law took effect a few months ago.
  • take exception to (something)
    возражать против чего-либо, относиться неодобрительно
    Sullivan took exception to what I said about his job performance.
  • take five
    отдохнуть 5 минут, немного передохнуть
    I decided to take five before going on with the cleaning.
  • take great pains to do (something)
    делать большое, значительное усилие
    Now that Rose had enough money she took great pains to wear good clothes.
  • take heart
    воспрянуть духом, подбодриться
    "It is impossible not to take heart in the company of such a nice person like you."
  • take heed
    быть осторожным, соблюдать осторожность
    Take heed when you cross the road.
  • take hold of (someone or something)
    овладеть кем-либо \ чем-либо, иметь влияние
    His plan took hold of my imagination.