Идиомы на букву T

  • take (something) into account
    принимать что-либо во внимание
    While choosing a career you should take your inclination and your character into account.
  • take (something) lying down
    безропотно сносить что-либо
    Jeremy never takes unpleasant things lying down; he always fights back.
  • take (something) on faith
    принять что-либо на веру
    Tobias is not a very trustful person; he never takes anything on faith.
  • take (something) on the chin
    испытать, терпеливо вынести что-либо
    Jeremy took his failure on the chin.
  • take (something) out on (someone or something)
    выместить что-либо (гнев, страх) на ком-либо \ чём-либо
    Hob came home angry at losing his job and took it out on his wife.
  • take (something) personally
    принять что-либо на свой счёт
    I criticized the work of our department, and my boss took it personally.
  • take (something) the wrong way
    неправильно истолковать что-либо
    The man in the bar took my remarks the wrong way and became a little annoyed.
  • take (something) to heart
    принимать что-либо близко к сердцу
    Poor little Jennet! She took things awfully to heart.
  • take (something) to one's grave
    унести что-либо (тайну) с собой в могилу
    "It is not as if you would take all your money to your grave."
  • take (something) up with (someone)
    поднимать (вопрос), обсуждать что-либо с кем-либо
    "This is my private matter and I am not going to take it up with you."
  • take (something) with a grain of salt
    относиться к чему-либо недоверчиво, скептически
    My friend is an imaginative person, and I always take everything he says with a grain of salt.
  • take (something/it) to the bank
    считать что-либо надёжным
    Your business project seems to be shady, and I am not sure you can take it to the bank.
  • take a backseat to (someone or something)
    занять скромное положение, отойти на задний план
    I didn't intend to accept a lower position and to take a backseat to Jack.
  • take a bath (on something)
    потерять много денег (на чем-либо)
    My uncle took a bath on horse races.
  • take a beating
    понести убытки, потерять много денег
    To avoid taking a beating I decided not to sell my country house.
  • take a bow
    раскланиваться на аплодисменты, заслужить похвалу
    The singer lingered on the stage to take a bow.
  • take a break
    сделать перерыв, передохнуть
    While working on the computer I take a break every hour.
  • take a chance/risk
    If I were you I would take a chance and find a better job.
  • take a course in (something)
    записываться на курсы, чтобы изучать что-либо
    Fanny is fond of patchwork and she has decided to take a course in it this year.
  • take a crack at (something)
    пытаться сделать что-либо
    I would like to become a journalist and I will take a crack at writing my first newspaper article.
  • take a dig at (someone)
    критиковать, говорить что-либо неприятное, "подковыривать"
    Alana likes to irritate people, and she is always trying to take a dig at me.
  • take a dim view of (something)
    не одобрять что-либо
    My father takes a dim view of my habit of sitting up late.
  • take a fancy/liking to (someone or something)
    полюбить кого-либо \ что-либо, привязаться, увлечься
    Sam has a nice taste in wines, and he took a fancy to Tokay which is produced in Hungary.
  • take a gander at (someone or something)
    взглянуть на кого-либо \ что-либо
    I asked my friend to take a gander at my computer.
  • take a hand in (something)
    принять участие в чём-либо
    I'd like to take a hand in arranging a homecoming ball at school.
  • take a hard line (with someone)
    быть твёрдым по отношению к кому-либо
    The mother tries to take a hard line with her lazy son.
  • take a hint
    понять намёк
    George is never able to take a hint and he does not behave accordingly.
  • take a leaf out of (someone's) book
    брать пример с кого-либо, подражать кому-либо
    Sally always takes a leaf out of her favorite actress's book.
  • take a leak
    мочиться, выделять мочу
    "Will you stop the car at the side of the road? The kids want to take a leak."
  • take a load off one's feet
    сесть и отдохнуть
    "Come in and sit down. Take a load off your feet."
  • take a look at (someone or something)
    взглянуть на кого-либо \ что-либо
    My Mom wanted to take a look at the shoes which I had bought the other day.
  • take a look for (someone or something)
    поискать кого-либо \ что-либо
    "Will you, please, take a look for the lighter that I had probably left in your house?"
  • take a nap
    We are all busy in the evening except Dad who usually takes a nap on the sofa.
  • take a new turn
    принять новый оборот
    The fund rising campaign took a new turn when a big company joined in it.
  • take a nosedive
    терпеть крах, резкий спад
    The stock market took a nosedive when the profit of the coal company decreased.