• off one's back
    перестать докучать кому-либо, беспокоить кого-либо
    "I wish you would get off my back and stop asking me silly questions."
  • off one's chest
    снять груз с души
    My problems have been gnawing me, and at last I decided to talk to my friend to get them off my chest.
  • on (someone's) back
    предъявлять претензии, надоедать кому-либо
    Mark is constantly criticizing me; he has been on my back ever since I started working in this department.
  • on (someone's) shoulders
    (ответственность) на чьих-либо плечах
    The responsibility for organizing the homecoming ball was on Miss Cobbler's shoulders.
  • one's flesh and blood
    близкий, кровный родственник
    Susan is my flesh and blood so I was shocked when I learnt that she had got involved in a fraud.
  • out for blood
    желать наказать кого-либо, жаждать крови
    The boy's mother was out for blood when she discovered that he was doing badly at school.
  • out of breath
    прерывисто дышать, запыхаться
    Jim stopped near the entrance; he was out of breath because he had been running.
  • over one's dead body
    не позволить, "только через мой труп"
    Over my dead body will I let my daughter go out with Tim.
  • pain in the neck
    надоедливый, раздражающий, возмущающий (человек)
    Peter is very annoying; he is a regular pain in the neck.
  • pat on the back
    The teacher gave Mark a pat on the back because he had passed a very difficult test.
  • play one's cards close to one's chest
    вести переговоры в осторожной и конфиденциальной манере
    Sue played her cards close to her chest when she went to the bank to settle her problem.
  • press the flesh
    пожимать всем руки (чтобы приобрести популярность)
    If a politician wants to be more popular, he should press the flesh of the public at large.
  • pull one's (own) weight
    принимать участие в чём-либо, свой вклад в общее дело
    My mother wanted me to pull my weight in cleaning the house.
  • put flesh on (something)
    добавить детали к чему-либо
    I decided to put flesh on my new project so that it becomes clearer and more detailed.
  • put one's back into (something)
    вложить силу или энергию во что-либо
    I had to move the piano out of the family room, so I asked my friend to put his back into it.
  • put one's shoulder to the wheel
    энергично взяться за работу, приналечь
    "If you want to prosper in the future, you must put your shoulder to the wheel."
  • risk one's neck (to do something)
    рисковать сломать шею, делая что-либо
    I risked my neck in order to rescue the cat that had climbed out onto the balcony.
  • rub shoulders (with someone)
    общаться, знаться с кем-либо
    Amelia rubbed shoulders only with the famous and the rich.
  • save (someone's) neck/skin
    спасать свою шкуру
    Jeremy had to sell his investments in order to save his neck.
  • save one's breath
    помалкивать; не соваться со своим мнением, советами
    I had a lot of questions to ask her, but looking how upset she was, I thought I'd better save my breath.
  • say (something) under one's breath
    сказать что-либо шёпотом
    I don't know why Jenny always says unpleasant things under her breath.
  • scratch (someone's) back
    делать взаимные услуги, "рука руку моет"
    "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours," were the relations between the employees in the company.
  • shoot from the hip
    говорить прямо и откровенно, "рубить с плеча"
    Ben always shoots from the hip and as a result gets into trouble now and then.
  • shoulder to cry on
    сострадательный человек; (жилетка, в которую можно поплакать)
    At that time I had no shoulder to cry on and felt very miserable.
  • shoulder to shoulder
    плечом к плечу
    The soldiers fought shoulder to shoulder.
  • shove/force/ram (something) down (someone's) throat
    силой получить чьё-либо согласие относительно чем-либо, навязывать что-либо кому-либо
    I was forced to agree to his conditions because he literally shoved them down my throat.
  • skin and bones
    кожа да кости, очень худой
    Cecily has been keeping to a slimming diet for a long time, and now she is all skin and bones.
  • skin-deep
    поверхностный, не глубокий
    Eric seems to be knowledgeable, but I am sure his knowledge is skin-deep.
  • smell blood
    желать узнать причину, взять след
    McAllister could smell blood when he began to investigate the poisoning of the elderly couple by their own granddaughter.
  • soaked to the skin
    промокнуть до нитки
    The children had been walking in the rain for two hours and were soaked to the skin.
  • split one's sides (with laughter)
    надрываться от смеха, "лопнуть со смеху"
    "I'll tell you a good story which will split your sides with laughter."
  • stab (someone) in the back
    предавать, клеветать за спиной, "всадить нож в спину"
    I can never again trust Kelly because she tried to stab me in the back.
  • stick in (someone's) throat/craw
    неприятная, раздражающая ситуация; "застрять, как кость в горле"
    I failed my English exam last semester, and the failure sticks in my throat.
  • stick one's neck out (for someone or something)
    рисковать ради кого-либо \ чего-либо
    "I am not going to stick my neck out for you."
  • stick to one's ribs
    хорошо наесться, плотно покушать
    My mother is a wonderful cook; everything she cooks sticks to our ribs.