• straight from the shoulder
    (говорить) прямо, без обиняков
    I appreciate my friend's open and honest ways; he always speaks straight from the shoulder.
  • sweat blood
    быть озабоченным и напряжённым
    During the interrogation the man was sweating blood.
  • sweat it out
    терпеливо пережидать что-либо (неприятное)
    There were no vacant rooms in the hotel, and we had to sweat it out until someone signed out.
  • take (someone's) breath away
    поразить, ошеломить кого-либо
    The unexpected news of my uncle's generosity has taken my breath away.
  • take (someone's) pulse
    щупать, измерять пульс
    When the doctor came, she listened to my heart and lungs and took my pulse.
  • tan (someone's) hide
    наказать, нашлёпать кого-либо
    I told my brother that I would tan his hide if he used my computer again.
  • taste blood
    быть в состоянии причинить вред (своему врагу)
    Jimmy could taste blood when he discovered the weak points of the man whom he detested.
  • tear/rip (someone) limb from limb
    разорвать кого-либо на части
    Two large dogs attacked a small kitten and tore it limb from limb.
  • thick-skinned
    толстокожий, не чувствительный
    It's good to be thick-skinned; then you are not easily hurt or upset.
  • thin-skinned
    тонкокожий, чувствительный
    Alan is so thin-skinned that even an innocent remark might hurt him.
  • thorn in (someone's) side
    источник постоянного раздражения или неприятностей; "бельмо на глазу'
    Julia was his brother's wife and a thorn in his side.
  • throw one's weight around
    осуществлять нажим, настойчиво использовать своё влияние
    Charley likes to throw his weight around to get what he wants.
  • time to catch one's breath
    достаточно времени, чтобы передохнуть
    Mrs. Normandy had no time to catch her breath because her grandchildren were staying with her.
  • to the bone
    до основания, насквозь, до костей
    I am afraid I have worked my fingers to the bone.
  • too rich for (someone's) blood
    (быть) слишком дорогостоящим для кого-либо
    A holiday in Spain is too rich for my blood so I decided not to go there.
  • touch/hit/strike a raw nerve
    задеть за живое
    My friend didn't understand that she had touched a raw nerve when she had asked me about my relationship with Mark.
  • turn (someone's) stomach
    вызывать тошноту
    The rolling of the boat turned his stomach.
  • turn one's back on (someone or something)
    отказать в помощи кому-либо, отвернуться, покинуть кого-либо в беде
    Peter turned his back on his own family when they needed help.
  • vent one's spleen
    избавиться от раздражения или злобы
    I am very angry at the manager's suggestion to transfer me to another department and I haven't been able to vent my spleen so far.
  • wait with bated breath
    ждать с нетерпением; ждать, затаив дыхание
    Jack waited with bated breath for the results of his medical tests.
  • warts and all
    всецело, включая что-либо плохое
    Jordan seems to like Leila warts and all.
  • waste one's breath
    напрасно тратить слова, говорить попусту
    I felt I was wasting my breath, trying to convince Wanda not to quit her job.
  • wet one's whistle
    выпить (что-либо спиртное), "промочить горло"
    Uncle Sam told Steve to wait outside for a minute while he went in to the bar to wet his whistle.
  • with every (other) breath
    (постоянно) говорить, повторять что-либо
    My mother always tells me with every other breath not to come home late.
  • words stick in one's throat
    с трудом говорить из-за волнения, "слова застряли в горле"
    I wanted to console Myra because of her loss, but the words stuck in my throat and I couldn't say a thing.
  • wring (someone's) neck
    быть очень сердитым на кого-либо (желать свернуть шею)
    I was ready to wring Samantha's neck for having spoilt my holiday.
  • yellow-bellied
    чрезвычайно робкий или трусливый
    Derek Prichard is a yellow-bellied guy; it's no use giving him tough assignments.
  • yoke around (someone's) neck
    ярмо на чьей-либо шее, обуза
    I don't want to live on my parents and be a yoke around their necks.
  • You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
    обоюдные услуги, "рука руку моет"
    This politician is known for his attitude of 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'.