• crick in one's back/neck
    болезненный спазм шеи или спины
    Evidently I caught a cold for I woke up this morning with a terrible crick in my back.
  • curdle (someone's) blood
    испугать кого-либо, заставить оцепенеть от страха
    The sight of the dead body curdled my blood.
  • cut a fine figure
    нарядиться и хорошо выглядеть
    Alec cut a fine figure when he went to the job interview last week.
  • cut/pare (something) to the bone
    урезать что-либо до минимума
    The president said it was necessary to cut all the expenses to the bone if they wanted to save the company.
  • cut/slit one's (own) throat
    самому себе доставить неприятности, перерезать себе горло
    "If you don't pay mortgage on the house in time, you'll cut your own throat."
  • dead from the neck up
    глуп, как пробка
    Miss Rivers is a blonde and is supposed to be dead from the neck up.
  • difficult to stomach (someone or something)
    трудно согласиться с кем-либо \ чем-либо, принять, переварить
    It is difficult to stomach complaints some people make about their work conditions.
  • Don't hold your breath.
    Не жди напрасно.
    "Don't hold your breath," Wanda said when Steve had proposed marriage.
  • down to the bone
    полностью, до самого корня \ до костей
    The weather was very frosty, and it chilled me right down to the bone.
  • draw blood
    ранить до крови
    The fencers are not supposed to draw blood during the competition or while exercising.
  • drop/dump (something) in (someone's) lap
    навязать что-либо кому-либо
    I didn't expect my boss to dump so much work in my lap that day.
  • eyes are bigger than one's stomach
    взять больше еды, чем сможешь съесть; одни глаза не сыты
    "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. You've eaten much food as it is."
  • fall/drop into one's lap
    нежданная удача
    The chance to go on a trip to Baltimore dropped into my lap quite suddenly.
  • feel (something) in one's bones
    интуитивно чувствовать что-либо
    Jacob felt it in his bones that he was not going to get the job that he wanted.
  • flex one's muscles
    пытаться показать свою власть
    The apartment manager was flexing his muscles when he threatened to raise the rent.
  • get (someone's) back up
    рассердить кого-либо
    I did not intend to get my friend's back up when I asked her if I could borrow her laptop.
  • get (something) off one's chest
    рассказать о том, что беспокоит; облегчить душу
    "Tell me what's worrying you. Get it off your chest."
  • get (something) out of one's system
    избавиться от желания что-либо делать
    "I want you to get gossiping out of your system."
  • get off (someone's) back
    оставить в покое, не беспокоить кого-либо
    "Do me a favor and get off my back!"
  • get on (someone's) nerves
    раздражать, действовать (кому-либо) на нервы
    "You are playing very loud music; it is getting on my nerves."
  • get the cold shoulder (from someone)
    быть холодно принятым или отвергнутым кем-либо
    William got the cold shoulder when he visited his relatives in California.
  • get under (someone's) skin
    надоедать или расстраивать кого-либо
    Lora is a bit of a busybody and it gets under my skin.
  • get/have a frog in one's throat
    болезненное ощущение в горле (из-за простуды) поэтому трудно говорить
    Jane has got such a terrible frog in her throat that she cannot say a word.
  • get/have a lump in one's throat
    почувствовать комок в горле (от волнения)
    While watching the film "Stepmother" I got a lump in my throat.
  • gird up one's loins
    собраться с силами (для выполнения трудной работы)
    Sara got ready to gird up her loins and begin to read for her Math exam.
  • give (someone) the cold shoulder
    игнорировать кого-либо, оказать кому-либо холодный приём
    Those who knew everything about him gave him the cold shoulder.
  • give (someone) the shirt off one's back
    быть очень щедрым, быть готовым отдать последнее
    Mr. Hobson seemed to be very generous ready to give you the shirt off his back.
  • go for the jugular
    напасть на кого-либо с целью причинить наибольший вред (нанести удар в шею, где проходит ярёмная вена)
    Aram had been waiting for so long to attack his enemy; now it was time he went for the jugular.
  • go/be belly up
    разориться, обанкротиться
    William was afraid lest his small book store should go belly-up.
  • grab (someone) by the throat
    что-либо, что возбуждает чувства (интерес, волнение, страх)
    The performance grabbed me by the throat; the acting was so exciting.
  • grate on (someone's) nerves
    действовать кому-либо на нервы
    My neighbor is constantly having wild parties, and it is beginning to grate on my nerves.
  • gut feeling/reaction/response
    интуитивное чувство, предчувствие, реакция
    When Swan entered the room, he had a gut feeling that he was being watched.
  • hard to stomach (someone or something)
    трудно вытерпеть (кого-либо \ что-либо)
    I find some of my colleagues and their attitude to work hard to stomach.
  • hardly have time to breathe
    быть очень занятым
    They hardly had time to breathe while they were preparing to move to a new house.
  • hate (someone's) guts
    чувствовать очень сильную антипатию к кому-либо
    Andy and Patrick have been at each other's throats and have hated each other's guts for years.