Идиомы на букву H

  • hundred and one
    очень много
    Viola can think of a hundred and one reasons when she does not want to date George.
  • hundred to one chance/shot
    очень маленький шанс, один из сотни
    Tim only has a hundred to one chance at getting the grant that he has applied for.
  • hung jury
    суд присяжных, который не смог вынести решение
    The jury was unable to agree on a verdict and the trial ended in a hung jury.
  • hung up on someone
    быть одержимым, виснуть на ком-либо
    Martha has been hung up on her fellow student Monty, but he doesn't pay any attention to her.
  • hunt high and low for (someone or something)
    искать везде кого-либо \ что-либо
    I have been hunting high and low for a good English textbook. Alas! I was out of luck.
  • hurl an insult (at someone)
    оскорблять кого-либо
    The drunken man in the bar was hurling insults at the bartender.
  • hush money
    деньги за молчание, за неразглашение какой-либо информации
    Joe had to pay hush money to avoid the scandal.
  • hush-hush
    держать что-либо в секрете
    "I want you to keep the news hush-hush. Do you understand me?"
  • hustle and bustle
    неразбериха, толкотня и шум
    "What is this all hustle and bustle about?"