Идиомы на букву H

  • hear (someone) out
    выслушать кого-либо
    "I know I am guilty, but will you, please, hear me out?"
  • hear a peep out of (someone)
    иметь возможность слышать негромкие слова от кого-либо
    The children were unusually quiet; they did not hear a peep out of them.
  • hear from
    получить известие
    My friend left the town three years ago, and I haven't heard from him ever since.
  • heart and soul
    всем сердцем
    The mother loved her son heart and soul.
  • heart bleeds for (someone)
    сочувствовать кому-либо, сердце кровью обливается за кого-либо
    My heart bleeds for the victims of the war in Ossetia.
  • heart goes out to (someone)
    искренне сочувствовать кому-либо, жалеть кого-либо
    The girl looked very miserable and unhappy and Maria's heart went out to her.
  • heart is dead set against (something)
    быть решительно настроенным против чего-либо
    My heart was dead set against buying a secondhand car.
  • heart is in the right place
    быть добрым, отзывчивым
    Julia might be tough sometimes, but her heart is in the right place.
  • heart is not in (something)
    не быть расположенным к чему-либо, "сердце не лежит"
    I am a secretary and I do my work well, but actually my heart is not in it.
  • heart is set against (something)
    быть настроенным против чего-либо
    Sandra's heart was set against her daughter's marriage.
  • heart is set on (something)
    очень хотеть чего-либо, желать всем сердцем
    Wanda's heart was set on immigrating to Canada.
  • heart misses/skips a beat
    испугаться или быть взволнованным
    It was pitch dark in the room, and my heart skipped a beat when I heard someone moving about.
  • heart of gold
    золотое сердце (о добром, щедром и великодушном человеке)
    Kelly's Grandma, who had a heart of gold, was a very kind and generous person.
  • heart of stone
    холодный безжалостный, "каменное сердце"
    Gloria had a heart of stone; she was neither kind nor sympathetic.
  • heart stands still
    быть очень испуганным или обеспокоенным, "сердце остановилось"
    My heart stood still when I heard strange sounds coming from my bedroom.
  • heart to heart
    искренний, сердечный
    Vivian was looking forward to having heart to heart talk with her daughter.
  • heartbeat away from (something)
    лицо, к которому перейдёт титул, наследство или власть в случае смерти родственника
    Sofia, the young princess was a heartbeat away from becoming the next queen of her country.
  • heavy going
    трудное дело
    Moving into a new apartment was heavy going.
  • heavy hand (of something)
    большая власть над кем-либо \ чем-либо
    The heavy hand of the law is tremendous power over those people who commit crimes.
  • heavy heart
    чувство печали, "с тяжёлым сердцем"
    Her father was very sick, and Nina had a heavy heart because of it.
  • hedge in (something)
    препятствовать чему-либо, преграждать
    I couldn't move my car because it was hedged in by the other cars in the parking lot.
  • hedge one's bets
    уменьшать потери, уравновешивать
    We decided to hedge our bets and go to the beach instead of camping out.
  • hell and high water
    испытать неприятности и трудности;
    The life-guards went through hell and high water trying to save the people in the rough sea.
  • hell on earth
    очень неприятная ситуация, "ад кромешный"
    The water was rising high, and the flood made the small village hell on earth.
  • hell-bent for leather
    вести себя безрассудно; мчаться во весь опор
    He rode hell-bent-for-leather down the mountain path.
  • hell-on-wheels
    вспыльчивый, придирчивый, раздражительный (человек)
    Uncle Ben is a very short-tempered person; he is hell-on-wheels all the time.
  • help oneself to (something)
    угощаться чем-либо
    "Help yourself to some salad, please."
  • help out with (something)
    помогать чем-либо
    I helped out with cleaning the house.
  • helter-skelter
    в беспорядке, разбросанный как попало
    The documents were scattered helter-skelter on the table.
  • hem (someone or something) in
    окружать кого-либо \ что-либо, поймать в ловушку
    We tried to get to the stadium but were hemmed in by the crowd of people.
  • here and now
    точь же час, немедленно
    The dean told Mark to come to the Dean's office here and now.
  • here and there
    там и сям
    We went here and there, looking for a cheap hotel.
  • Here goes nothing.
    Вряд ли получится!
    "Here goes nothing. I have applied for a new job, but I am not sure I'll get it."
  • Here goes.
    Была не была!
    "Well, here goes. I am going to take up treasure hunting as a hobby."
  • Here's mud in your eye.
    За наше здоровье! (тост)
    "Here's mud in your eye," the man said and raised his wineglass.