Идиомы на букву H

  • hold back (someone)
    сдерживать кого-либо, мешать делать что-либо
    During the anti-war demonstration the police were trying to hold back the crowd of people.
  • hold court
    важничать, вести себя как король \ королева
    Jeremy likes to ride a high horse and he always acts like he is holding court.
  • hold down (someone or something)
    держать под контролем кого-либо \ что-либо; держть в подчинении
    The government in this country is unable to hold down the rate of inflation.
  • hold down a job
    удержаться на работе
    Rick had a serious drinking problem that's why he couldn't hold down a job.
  • hold forth
    The principal held forth a proposal to build a new lab for the chemistry department.
  • hold forth (on/about something)
    выступать, говорить о чём-либо, "разглагольствовать"
    Pamela likes holding forth about nothing at all; she is the most talkative woman I have ever met.
  • hold good
    оставаться в силе, длиться
    The weather was unusually hot that autumn and the demand for air conditioners held good from September till the beginning of November.
  • hold off
    задерживать, откладывать
    Our flight was delayed; it was held off till ten p. m.
  • hold on to (someone or something)
    держаться за кого-либо \ чего-либо
    You ought to hold on to your baggage when you are at the railway station lest someone should steal it.
  • Hold on!
    Подожди минуту! Не клади трубку.
    "Please hold on for a minute. I'll write down your address."
  • hold one's breath
    затаить дыхание
    The little girl held her breath when she saw a beautiful doll in the shop window.
  • hold one's end of the bargain up
    делать свою часть работы согласно уговору
    "You aren't holding your end of the bargain up. You were to have arranged a meeting of the shareholders."
  • hold one's fire
    удерживать аргументы или факты, воздерживаться
    "If I were you, I'd hold your fire and save the information until they are ready to accept our terms."
  • hold one's head up
    иметь чувство собственного достоинства, "высоко держать голову"
    Though John lost his case in court, he didn't lose his dignity and held his head up.
  • hold one's horses
    ждать, быть терпеливым, "попридержи коней"
    "Hold your horses!" Mr. Smith said to Ron when the latter said he would call the police.
  • hold one's nose
    неохотно соглашаться
    My boss asked me to stay after office hours and I had to hold my nose though I had other fish to fry that evening.
  • hold one's own (in an argument)
    отстаивать свою позицию
    I can always defend my position; I am able to hold my own in any dispute.
  • hold one's peace
    помалкивать, "держать язык за зубами"
    She is not able to hold her peace; she blurts out everybody's secrets.
  • hold one's tongue
    промолчать, "придержать язык"
    "If my father asks you about me, please hold your tongue."
  • hold out (one's hand)
    протягивать (руку)
    Mirna held out her hand to get hold of the rope.
  • hold out for (something)
    настаивать на получении чего-либо
    They are holding out for a salary increase.
  • hold out on (someone)
    отказываться соглашаться с кем-либо
    The employees are holding out on the Board of Directors and won't sign their contracts.
  • hold out the olive branch to (someone)
    делать мирные предложения, стараться уладить дело миром
    Silvester offered his friend to end up their friction and held out the olive branch to him.
  • hold over (something)
    откладывать, держать в резерве
    The judge said he would hold over Julia's case till the next sitting of the court.
  • hold still
    не двигаться
    "Please, Jackie, hold still while I wipe the dirt from your face."
  • hold the fort
    замещать кого-либо, справляться в случае крайней необходимости
    "Who is going to hold the fort while the boss is on vacation?"
  • hold the line at (something)
    не поддаваться нажиму
    My boss is holding the line at any innovations in the company because he thinks they are not necessary.
  • hold the reins
    быть самым влиятельным человеком; "держать бразды правления"
    "Who is holding the reins in this company now?"
  • hold true
    быть правдой
    It doesn't hold true that he is the most influential person in the company.
  • hold up
    поднять, останавливать
    "Will you please hold up your hands those who want to go on a student trip to the mountains?"
  • hold up (as an example)
    ставить в пример
    The boy was held up before the whole school as an example of neatness and diligence.
  • hold water
    быть хорошей идеей, звучать убедительно
    Your suggestion of sailing across the Atlantic in winter doesn't hold water.
  • hold-out
    George is the last hold-out among those who refuse to give up smoking.
  • hole in one
    попасть с первого удара
    Lionel is a skilled golfer, and he got a hole in one during his first round.
  • hole in the wall
    небольшое (подвальное) помещение (часто малопривлекательное)
    What a wretched little hole in the wall he lives in!