Идиомы на букву H

  • have a poker face
    иметь бесстрастное, ничего не выражающее лицо
    George had a poker face when he tried to deceive me.
  • have a price on one's head
    объявлять вознаграждение за поимку преступника
    Willbrook is a dangerous criminal; he has a price on his head and is wanted by the police all over the state.
  • have a rough time (of it)
    терпеть лишения, испытывать нужду
    I am having a rough time because I am very short of money.
  • have a run of bad luck
    невезти в течение продолжительного времени
    John Jimson has had a run of bad luck since his wife left him.
  • have a run-in with (someone)
    иметь неприятную встречу \ ссору с кем-либо
    Yesterday I had a run-in with my father that's why I feel bad today.
  • have a run-in with (the law/someone)
    иметь столкновение с законом
    The young man had a run-in with the law several times for speedy driving.
  • have a say/voice (in something)
    принимать участие в принятии решения, "иметь голос" в чём-либо
    The Teachers' Union wanted to have a say in discussing teachers' employment.
  • have a score to settle with (someone)
    выяснить что-либо с кем-либо, уладить что-либо
    I have a score to settle with my next door neighbor.
  • have a scrape with (someone or something)
    иметь неприятный разговор с кем-либо \ о чём-либо
    Mark had a scrape with the Dean because he had missed a lot of lectures.
  • have a screw loose
    винтика в голове не хватает, "не всё дома"
    "Don't you think that Simon acts in a strange way? I am sure he has a screw loose somewhere."
  • have a soft spot in one's heart (for someone or something)
    любить кого-либо \ что-либо
    Ms. Hackomada had a soft spot in her heart for her nieces and nephews.
  • have a stake in (something)
    иметь долю собственности в чём-либо
    Our computer company has a stake in a few similar companies.
  • have a stroke
    внезапный приступ, частичный или полный паралич
    My Granddad had a stroke and died soon after it.
  • have a sweet tooth
    быть сладкоежкой
    My daughter has a sweet tooth; she loves candies and chocolates.
  • have a taste for (something)
    желать \ хотеть чего-либо особенного
    I have always had a taste for good wine.
  • have a thing for (someone)
    увлечься кем-либо
    I don't believe Clare to have a thing for Jeremy; he is so spoony.
  • have a thing going with (someone)
    иметь романтические отношения с кем-либо
    I believe my cousin has a thing going with one of her colleagues.
  • have a time
    испытывать большие трудности \ иметь неприятности
    I really had a time in the shop when I had left my credit card behind.
  • have a try/crack at (something)
    попытаться сделать что-либо
    I have always wanted to have a try at writing detective fiction.
  • have a vested interest in (something)
    иметь личный интерес (часто финансовый) к чему-либо
    Everybody in the school has a vested interest in building a new playground.
  • have a way with (someone or something)
    иметь подход к кому-либо \ чему-либо
    Miss Cook has a way with small children.
  • have a weakness for (someone or something)
    иметь слабость к кому-либо \ чему-либо
    Cora Brown has always had a weakness for fancy clothes.
  • have a whale of a time
    хорошо провести время
    I went to my friend's birthday party last night and had a whale of a time.
  • have a word with (someone)
    сказать пару слов, кратко поговорить с кем-либо
    "I say Tom, I'd like to have a word with you about your vacation."
  • have a yellow streak
    быть трусливым
    The young man looks strong and healthy, but has a yellow streak and I don't advise you to rely on him.
  • have an accident
    несчастный случай
    Rick had an accident while he was driving home from work.
  • have an ace up one's sleeve
    иметь козырь "про запас"
    Frieda had an ace up her sleeve which she could use against her opponent.
  • have an ax to grind (with someone)
    преследовать личные интересы; жаловаться на кого-либо
    Jenny Wright has an ax to grind with her next door neighbor.
  • have an ear for (something)
    иметь (музыкальный) слух
    Nora has an ear for languages; she can speak Chinese, Japanese and a few other languages.
  • have an ear out for (something)
    уметь слушать что-либо, прислушиваться к чему-либо
    Della had an ear out for any business opportunities that might come along.
  • have an edge on/over (someone or something)
    иметь преимущество над кем-либо \ чем-либо
    I have an edge over Mike to win the chess tournament.
  • have an eye for (something)
    знать толк в чём-либо, быть ценителем чего-либо
    She has an eye for precious stones.
  • have an eye on (someone or something)
    положить глаз на кого-либо \ что-либо
    Ivory had an eye on a beautiful cat which he would like to buy.
  • have an in with (someone)
    иметь хорошие отношения с кем-либо
    Unfortunately I don't have an in with my superviser so I can hardly ever ask him for a favor.
  • have an itch to do something
    очень хотеть делать что-либо, "руки чешутся"
    Silvia had an itch to learn figure skating.