Идиомы на букву S

  • Sure thing.
    наверняка, конечно, несомненно
    "Will you be at work tomorrow?" - "Sure thing."
  • survival of the fittest
    выживание сильнейших
    The survival of the fittest means the continual existence of those animals and plants which are best adapted to their surroundings.
  • susceptible to (something)
    восприимчивый, чувствительный
    Martha's younger son is very susceptible to colds.
  • swallow (something) hook, line and sinker
    безоговорочно поверить, "заглотить наживку"
    Rick told me about his disastrous situation, and I, being a gullible person, swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.
  • swallow one's pride
    подавить самолюбие, проглотить обиду
    Wanda had to swallow her pride and ask her employer for a higher salary.
  • swamped with (something)
    быть загруженным чем-либо, быть заваленным
    At present the firm is swamped with orders for their goods.
  • swan song
    лебединая песня
    This film was a swan song of the great actress.
  • swear (someone) in
    приводить кого-либо к присяге
    After the election the president will be sworn in.
  • swear by (something)
    иметь доверие к чему-либо
    Emma swears by aspirin for a headache.
  • swear off (something)
    решить отказаться от чего-либо
    Leo swore off smoking when the doctor said it caused lung cancer.
  • swear on (something)
    поклясться на чём-либо
    "I want you to believe me; I am ready to swear on my life."
  • swear on a stack of bibles
    поклясться на библии
    The witness swore on a stack of bibles before he gave his testimony.
  • sweat (something) out
    ждать чего-либо с нетерпением
    He spent a few days sweating out whether or not he would get the visa.
  • sweat blood
    быть озабоченным и напряжённым
    During the interrogation the man was sweating blood.
  • sweat bullets/blood
    нервничать, очень беспокоиться
    During the interrogation the man was sweating blood.
  • sweat it out
    терпеливо пережидать что-либо (неприятное)
    There were no vacant rooms in the hotel, and we had to sweat it out until someone signed out.
  • sweep (someone) off his or her feet
    вызвать чей-либо восторг, поразить, потрясти
    When I saw my favorite singer appear on the stage, it swept me off my feet.
  • sweep (something) under the rug/carpet
    игнорировать неприятные вещи, стараться забыть о них
    "We'd better not sweep our differences under the rug; let's discuss them."
  • sweep out of (somewhere)
    выскочить откуда-то
    Tina's face was stained with tears as she swept out of the room.
  • sweet and sour
    сладко-кислый (вкус)
    I don't like dishes with a sweet and sour taste.
  • sweet nothings
    нежные, но ничего не значащие слова
    Jimmy whispered sweet nothings into my ear, but I ignored them.
  • sweet on (someone)
    любить кого-либо
    Sally suspected that Willy was sweet on her sister.
  • sweet-talk (someone)
    льстить кому-либо
    "Don't try to sweet-talk me into lending you my laptop."
  • sweetheart deal
    благоприятная, взаимовыгодная сделка
    They made a sweetheart deal with a traveling agency to have the price of the tickets reduced.
  • sweetie pie
    милый, любимый
    "Stay away from me! I am not your sweetie pie."
  • swelled head
    Marcia has a swelled head; she thinks that she is the most gifted person in her class.
  • swift and sure
    быстрый и верный
    The swift and sure way of getting a job is to submit your resume.
  • swim against the tide/current
    действовать, преодолевая сопротивление; "плыть против течения"
    I had to swim against the tide as there was a lot of opposition to my project.
  • swing (something)
    смочь сделать что-либо
    I am not sure if I will be able to swing throwing a party.
  • swing into action
    начать действовать
    My parents were about to come home, so I swung into action and started to clean the room.
  • switched on
    быть на самом современном уровне (относительно идей, моды, увлечений)
    My boy friend is switched on modern music.