Идиомы на букву S

  • stars in one's eyes
    глаза блестят от счастья
    Sally had stars in her eyes when Ronald proposed marriage.
  • start from scratch
    начать с начала, начать на голом месте
    Jeremy started from scratch and now he is quite successful in his business.
  • start in as (something)
    начать карьеру в качестве кого-либо
    Sam started in as a sailor and now he is captain of a big liner.
  • start off on the wrong foot
    плохо начать (какую-либо деятельность или отношения с кем-либо)
    I can admit that I started off on the wrong foot with my in-laws.
  • start out as (something)
    начать карьеру в качестве кого-либо
    He started out as an ordinary employee and in a few years became chief executive.
  • start over/off with a clean slate
    начать всё сначала, начать с чистого листа
    "I advise you to ignore the past and start over with a clean slate."
  • start the ball rolling
    начать что-либо делать
    I think it's time I started the ball rolling.
  • start up (something)
    создать что-либо, начать делать что-либо
    Steven started up a printing business not long ago.
  • stay away from (something)
    избегать чего-либо, воздерживаться от чего-либо
    My doctor strongly advised me to stay away from sugar and sweets.
  • stay put
    не двигаться с места, оставаться в том же положении
    "Please, stay put don't walk all over the place."
  • steal (someone's) thunder
    заимствовать чьи-либо идеи, открытия и предать их гласности ради собственной выгоды
    Adam complained that they wouldn't let his play run, and yet they had stolen his thunder.
  • steal a base
    делать что-либо тайком, красться
    Jimmy Carter is one of the best baseball players; he can easily steal a base during the game.
  • steal a march on (someone)
    сделать что-либо украдкой, опередить кого-либо
    Mary and I were both offered a job which was vacant; I decided to go the next day, but Mary stole a march on me.
  • steal someone's heart
    заставить кого-либо влюбиться, влюбить в себя
    Miranda is very attractive and can easily steal a man's heart.
  • steal the show/spotlight
    привлечь к себе всё внимание
    The pictures of a young talented artist stole the show at the exhibition.
  • steamed up
    быть обозлённым, негодующим
    My father was steamed up because I had taken his car without his permission.
  • steaming mad
    кипящий от злости
    I was steaming mad when my sister had broken my favorite vase.
  • steer clear of (someone or something)
    избегать кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Eva has been steering clear of Wanda since she borrowed $.220 from her.
  • step down from (a job/position)
    уйти в отставку
    My father had to step down from his present job because of poor health and old age.
  • step into (someone's) shoes
    заменить кого-либо, занять чьё-либо место
    There were half a dozen candidates any of whom would be happy to step into Jenny's shoes.
  • step into the breach
    заполнить пробел, незанятое место
    Dr. Summerfield stepped into the breach and helped the other doctors during the epidemic of flu.
  • step on it
    ехать быстрее, поторопиться
    I was in a hurry, so I asked the taxi driver to step on it.
  • step on the gas
    нажать на акселератор, увеличить скорость
    "Please, step on the gas. I am late for work as it is."
  • step out of line
    нарушать дисциплину, порядок; шалить, плохо себя вести
    My aunt's children often step out of line, and it makes her very angry.
  • step right up
    продвигаться вперёд по направлению к кому-либо \ чему-либо
    The booking-clerk told me to step right up when I was waiting for my turn to pay for my ticket.
  • step up
    получить повышение (по службе)
    Mr. Jackson stepped up to the position of editor-in-chief after the old editor had retired.
  • step up (something)
    усиливать что-либо, ускорять
    Production in that particular industry could be greatly stepped up with more effective methods.
  • step-by-step
    постепенно, шаг за шагом
    I learnt how to drive a car step-by-step.
  • step/tread on (someone's) toes
    задеть чьи-либо чувства, "наступить на чью-либо любимую мозоль"
    Stephan managed to step on his friends' toes and that turned his friends into his enemies.
  • stew in one's own juice
    страдать из-за своих проступков
    "You'll be stewing in your own juice if you get into trouble again."
  • stick (someone) with (something)
    оставить кому-либо исполнять неприятное задание
    My older sister tried to stick me with cleaning all the windows in the house.
  • stick (something) out
    терпеливо переносить что-либо
    Though Martha didn't like her job she decided to stick it out until she found something better.
  • stick (something) up
    приклеить, прикрепить что-либо
    Linda stuck a stamp up on the envelope.
  • stick around
    находиться поблизости
    My mother asked me to stick around in case she needed my help.
  • stick by/with (someone or something)
    поддерживать кого-либо \ что-либо
    "I'll always stick by you no matter how many problems you may have."