Идиомы на букву T

  • time after time
    раз за разом, неоднократно
    I have told my younger brother time after time not to tamper with my papers.
  • time and time again
    снова и снова, неоднократно
    Children are forgetful and must be told time and time again how to behave.
  • time flies
    время бежит незаметно
    Time flies and I suddenly realized that was time to leave.
  • time is money
    время - деньги
    "Don't waste your time doing nothing; remember time is money."
  • time is ripe
    пришло время
    Cathy thought the time was ripe to tell her mother about the broken vase.
  • time of one's life
    замечательное, удивительное время
    Nancy had the time of her life at the party.
  • time off
    время свободное от работы
    If I had had some time off yesterday, I could have sent a lot of e-mail letters to my friends abroad.
  • time out
    перерыв (в игре, работе) таймаут
    Ann took some time out from studying to visit her friend.
  • time to catch one's breath
    достаточно времени, чтобы передохнуть
    Mrs. Normandy had no time to catch her breath because her grandchildren were staying with her.
  • time was (when)
    было время когда
    Time was when everybody in our town kept their doors unlocked all of the time.
  • tin ear for (something)
    не иметь слуха, неспособность судить о чём-либо
    I think Cora has a tin ear for music and she is not able to judge the value of it.
  • tip (someone) off
    намекать или информировать кого-либо
    The thieves did not rob the bank because someone tipped them off that it was being watched by the police.
  • tip the balance
    оказаться решающим фактором, перевесить
    Collin's vote tipped the balance in their favor, and they won the election.
  • tip the scales at (something)
    весить какую-либо величину
    Edna tipped the scales at 140 kilograms.
  • tire (someone) out
    утомить кого-либо, измучить
    The long walk tired me out.
  • tired out
    быть очень уставшим
    My father looked tired out after working hard all day.
  • tit for tat
    отплата, "зуб за зуб", услуга за услугу
    Jack hit Betty, and she gave him tit for tat.
  • TKO
    Technical Knockout - технический нокаут
    The boxer was awarded a TKO and won the boxing match.
  • TLC
    Tender Loving Care - нежная забота
    With lots of TLC the little puppies felt very well.
  • to (someone's) liking
    на чей-либо вкус, по нраву
    I bought a nice dress which is exactly to my liking.
  • to (someone's) mind
    по чьему-либо мнению
    "To my mind you are paying too much attention to Steve."
  • to (someone's) way of thinking
    по чьему-либо мнению
    To my way of thinking George is too arrogant and highbrow.
  • to a fault
    чрезмерно, чересчур, слишком
    Sandra is generous to a fault.
  • to a great/large extent
    главным образом, в значительной степени
    The flight was delayed to a great extent due to the fog.
  • to a T
    в точности, идеально (подходить), "тютелька в тютельку"
    It's a very nice hat and it suits me to a T.
  • to and fro
    взад и вперёд, туда и сюда
    The train was full of people; the guard went to and fro opening and closing the doors.
  • to be broke
    быть разорённым, не иметь денег
    "I am sorry I can't lend you a penny; I am absolutely broke."
  • to be green
    неопытный\ незрелый человек, "салага"
    "I want you to instruct this new worker; he is green and he doesn't know his job yet.
  • to be hale and hearty
    (быть) крепким и бодрым (обычно о старых людях)
    Nick's Uncle Ben was hale and hearty in his old age.
  • to be half the battle
    большая часть работы
    We have to get ready for the wedding reception; writing invitations is only half the battle.
  • to be halfhearted about (someone or something)
    не испытывать энтузиазма по поводу кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Adam was halfhearted about going out with Clara that evening.
  • to be hard on (someone's) heels
    следовать за кем-либо по пятам
    As I was going along the street, I noticed a stranger who was hard on my heels.
  • to be high time
    пора бы
    It is high time the children were in bed; it's ten o'clock already.
  • to be hopeless at (doing something)
    неумеющий делать что-либо хорошо
    I am hopeless at repairing electric appliances.
  • to be hopped up on (something)
    быть под сильным воздействием наркотика или алкоголя
    The young man, who tried to steal a car, was hopped up on a lot of alcohol.